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5 Move Management Tips to Make the New Office Feel More Familiar

David Spence
April 21st, 2015

Settling In After the Big Move

Staff need to adjust to the new headquarters. Even with the sleekness of a new and improved office space, being in a different work environment can be disorienting. Try these five tips for making a new office feel more comfortable and familiar.

1. Coordinate walk-through tours

Sometime before the big moving day, show each department where they’ll be sitting. This would be a good time for a general walk-through of the floor, where people can also see where areas like restrooms and breakrooms are located, as well as where they’ll find the vending machines, first aid kits, office supply closets, etc. If there are too many people in your company for you to lead each tour by yourself, you could also coordinate with the heads of the departments so they can show the teams around themselves. If you have FM software like OfficeSpace, you can leverage tools like Visual Directory to show people maps of the floor and where they can find things like printers, first aid kits and bathrooms.

2. Incorporate parts of the old office

Moving is often a good time to get rid of outdated equipment and old pieces of furniture. But if you have any decorative elements that can be brought to the new location, make them part of the new office design. The sight of a familiar object can be a welcome anchor among all the changes that are occurring. Plus, they can double as relics of the company’s history.

3. Provide a guide to the surrounding area

Some newly-moved companies may find themselves on the opposite end of town, in an area that its employees are not so familiar with. If this is the case with your business, create a list that names what resources they can find nearby: convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, public transit stops, etc. Having this will make the area feel less foreign. Employees will know where to go when they have to run errands or make a quick out-of-office expedition, and executives will know the convenient spots where they can hold business meetings or lunches.

4. Welcome everyone with a relocation celebration

To introduce the new office in a big way, why not make it an event worth celebrating? Invite staff, clients and business partners. Give them a general tour of the building. Depending on the size of your budget, you can make the party larger or smaller, as needed. A small cocktail reception with staff only can be a fun company activity that won’t require too much money, says, while a larger party involving staff, clients, partners and even neighboring businesses can be “a great way to network with potential new business associates.” We have seen OfficeSpace used in interesting ways for company parties, for example, knowing exactly how many people on each floor to buy cupcakes for! It might sound like a small thing, but food wastage at company events can cost big money!

5. Use wayfinding software

Once you’ve celebrated your grand opening and everyone settles into their everyday routines, using wayfinding software like OfficeSpace can save them the time and frustration of finding things. With the Visual Directory™, staff can not only easily locate any of their coworkers, they can also search for conference rooms and resources like copiers and fax machines—all from the convenience of their desks. Click on the button below to get a free demo. You’ll see how easily it can make a new place feel much more familiar.



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