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5 New Year’s Resolutions Every FM Professional Should Consider

David Spence
January 21st, 2016

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be restricted to personal goals. They can also be new commitments to revitalizing the workplace and revitalizing your company with a fresh start. As a facility manager it’s time to bring your resolutions into the workplace. Since a lot of your time is spent at the office, it’s crucial to make this environment as comfortable and fulfilling as possible to inspire new ideas and cultivate a happy workforce.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are five New Year’s resolutions every facility manager should consider making.

1. Create a more relaxed workforce

Facility Management Indoor Plant

Did you know your office setup can actually create or alleviate stress? The old adage ‘happy workers are productive workers’ is true. By including certain aesthetic elements, such as plants and other greenery, and including break and game rooms, you can create a much more inspiring and relaxed work environment.

Fulfilling this New Year’s resolution doesn’t mean you have to go through an expensive redesign. There are many small tweaks you can make to create a calmer workplace. Sometimes, just letting workers personalize their cubicles or changing the color scheme or room layout will do the trick.

2. Incorporate tech into the office

Facility Management Tech Upgrade

Technology can be a great enabler of productivity. However, it can also be a big distraction if you don’t have the proper policies in effect. As a facilities manager, you should consider implementing better facility management software in order to more effectively track the use of space throughout your office.

You could also consider using personnel and project management software that captures and optimizes worker productivity and keeps projects on track. The more data you can collect on your workers and the space they use, the better able you’ll be to create a more efficient and comfortable work space.

3. Maximize all unused and underused space

Facility Management Underused Space

Has your team moved into a new building this year? Or have you been neglecting finally optimizing your physical office space? If you feel like the actual space management side of your job has taken a back seat this past year, make the time to give your office a physical overhaul and check out how OfficeSpace Software might be able to help.

To get started utilizing and upgrading your space, you’ll need to identify any space that’s underused. You can then begin planning how you will work that newfound space into your facilities management plan. No matter what kind of space you have, there are many ways to capitalize on your office’s best features to design a functional and productive layout.

4. Overhaul your office processes

Facility Management Office Process

Have you been using the same business process for years just because it’s the way it’s always been done? Let this new year be the one where you transform businesses procedures to make your company more efficient. For instance, you could refine the departmental reporting procedures, so they align with the business’s goals for this year. You could also implement new interdepartmental tools that will help to clarify and define project roles for large-scale endeavors. 

Several companies review their budget every single year, but rarely do they dive into operations processes. By streamlining building and business processes, such as employee goal reporting or monthly worker training, you can free up your time to focus on more beneficial business activities.

5. Review maintenance processes to eliminate possible hiccups

Facilities Management Maintenance

How long has it been since you went through your maintenance processes? As a facility manager it’s your job to ensure all of the preventive building maintenance boxes are ticked. For instance, any major office appliances need to be regularly checked. The same goes for large electronics, like company scanners, printers and computers.

Set regular times for building maintenance scheduling, company software updates and overhauling your worker productivity reports. You’d hate to derail your newly productive office with a mechanical error or maintenance glitch that could have been avoided. Using a request management solution could help you align these goals as well. 

Take your facilities management practices to new heights in 2016 with our recommended resolutions. Regardless of the goals you set for yourself and your team, make sure you have an actionable plan to follow-through with. Good intentions are nothing without proper planning and execution.


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