Space & Move Management

The Domino Effect of Team Growth

David Spence
August 6th, 2013

New Hire Nightmares? Space Management Software Can Help

Detailed Moving Reports

To help you with the move, the software can provide reports that are as detailed as you need them to be. You can specify the reason for the move, the specific date and time the move will take place, what assets need to accompany the new space, etc. So, for example, say you need to move Henry from Marketing & PR to a different spot so that the new hire can sit in his desk. In the move report, you can specify the reason as “New hire James Gold needs to be closer to the Accounting department.”

This information will all be saved as soon as you enter it, letting you see where Henry once sat and where he currently sits. Of course, if you have to move several employees to accommodate the new hire, moving may seem more complicated. The software can help there, too.

What-If Floor Plans and Other Data

When you find that you have to move several people because of the new hire, the software will let you try out different desk layouts to see which works best. This function will help you iron out the logistics of how to maximize space while also maximizing productivity. If your experiment doesn’t work out, you can simply start over and try a new layout.

In the midst of your experimenting, you may realize that the teams would work better if they were more spread out. If one more addition means that a floor will be at capacity, for example, you can use the software’s space utilization reports to see where you can place other workers. These reports record the specific numbers of empty and occupied seats, so you can make more informed decisions about allocating space.

Easy Record Keeping

In addition to that, the software will also record everyone’s new contact information, so you won’t have to enter this info manually on a spreadsheet. For workers who move, this feature also has the benefit of letting them know where their coworkers are, and how they can contact them On top of that, move reports can also let you see when moves are scheduled and which moves have been completed, so that you don’t have to commit that info to memory.

If it just so happens that the moves need to be canceled, for some reason, (like James Gold wins the lottery and decides to go on holiday in Australia forever), the software will let you cancel the moves. It can notify all the right departments so that they don’t lose any of their time or productivity gearing up for moves that are no longer necessary.

Space management software such as OfficeSpace can be of great help when a new hire threatens to cause a domino effect in your office. From providing in-depth move reports, to arranging theoretical layouts, to canceling moves within seconds if needed, our software can save you a lot of time and manpower. Let our software handle all of the messy logistics, so you can spend your time doing more productive tasks.

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