Office Design

Why Office Partitions Matter More Than You Think

David Spence
September 12th, 2013


Installing brick and mortar walls can cost a lot of money. Opting for glass partitions means you’ll spend a fraction of that cost. Plus, office partitions can help save energy costs by letting in more natural light. Without having to spend money on labor and lighting, you can allocate funds for other parts of the company.

Open-Office Feel

While open offices are great for collaboration, one of their biggest drawbacks is that they lack privacy. If a group wants to hold a meeting, they may have to go off-site, which can cut into their workday. Glass partitions can solve this problem by giving a party privacy when it needs to discuss important matters. Frosted or colored glass can give them even more privacy, while adding a unique look to the office overall. Partitions will help the office feel like it’s a team-oriented community, but they can also allow employees to discuss things in a separate environment.

Faster to Install

Besides costing less than a wall, the glass partition is also faster to install. If you’re renovating or refitting a new building, the process will proceed much more quickly. While this may seem like a small benefit, it means that you’ll be able to move into your new space sooner. As any company that has experienced an office redesign can tell you, the faster you can complete renovation, the better. Trying to bob and weave around the wreckage of a space that’s under construction is never a good arrangement.

Office partitions are a great solution for those who want the feel of an open office, without using an office that’s completely open. You’ll get an office that’s brighter and stylish, while also being completely functional. When workers have the option to hold meetings and talk privately among themselves, there will be fewer people leaving the building and losing time on work. From a financial, productivity, and design standpoint, partitions can be a great decision.


photo credit: jisc_infonet via photopin cc