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Plastic Buildings & Intangible Culture: Insights From Workplace Unplugged

David Spence
March 31st, 2017

These two heavy-hitters in workplace culture, productivity, have a lot to offer facility managers. A data expert strategizes design, and a design expert touches the intangibles of corporate culture.We recently spoke to each of them for Workplace Unplugged, our interview series devoted to having open, candid conversations with experts and leaders in the modern workplace. See what they had to say about results driven data, and the intangibles of corporate culture.

Change Management: Weaving Big & Little Data For Best Results

Melissa Marsh is an expert in workplace strategy and a leader in change management services. As founder and executive director of PLASTARC, she has defined a career by embedding the added value of occupant-centric real estate strategy in her design, architecture and master planning projects.

Melissa Marsh, PLASTARCMelissa Marsh: Plastarc is a contraction of plastic and architecture, with the proposition that through social research, technology, and people analytics we can really make architecture solutions that are more flexible… Continue to full interview.

Unleash Your Office Culture: The Value of Workplace Design

Bob Fox, founder and CEO of FOX Architects, and founder and publisher of Work Design Magazine, has been helping organizations transcend pragmatic office design, and realize opportunities to engage, inspire and attract their people.

Bob Fox, Work Design Magazine, FOX Architects
Bob Fox: Today, we have to have a much bigger and broader understanding of the culture of the organization, the type of work, how that work flows, the type of space is needed for that and the levels of support that are needed. You are starting to see a lot more intangibles come into the workplace…Continue to full interview.

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