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Smart Facility Management Products That Will Pay Off in the Long Run

Nick Mason
December 12th, 2017
Smart facility management products that will pay off in the long run

Certain products and software systems are worth investing in because they’ll help your company achieve higher energy efficiency standards, lower overall facility costs and increase productivity in the workplace. With a multitude of options and emerging technologies available, it can be difficult to narrow down which products are worthwhile investments for your office. We’ve put together a short list, which we believe can greatly benefit the function of your office in the long run.

Energy optimization software

Before you start making changes to your workplace appliances and systems, it’s important to understand and analyze your work space’s energy usage with reports and analytics.  There are a number of software systems that can help you optimize your usage and control by monitoring energy consumers like HVAC and lighting. This list of energy optimization solutions details a few products designed to help FMs improve their energy output and reach their energy optimization goals. It’s time to ditch the excel spreadsheets and switch to a technology that provides up-to-date, accessible data. 

ENERGY STAR appliances

Environmentally friendly appliances in kitchen space

If you’re looking to introduce environmentally friendly products into your work place, an easy way to get started is by utilizing products that reduce energy usage. Whether you’re moving into a new facility or simply upgrading your office space, ENERGY STAR appliances offer a way to increase your energy efficiency while also reducing monthly utility bills.

According to ENERGY STAR, a new certified refrigerator is about 9% more energy efficient than the federal minimum energy efficiency standard, while ENERGY STAR certified ventilation fans, like those used in bathrooms, utility rooms and above cooking areas, use 50% less energy than standard models. Additionally, ENERGY STAR certified dishwashers are about 12% more energy efficient than conventional units. These products can help bring your facility into the green zone.

Space management software

Space management software to improve space efficiency

Most office spaces are heavily underutilized. Using space management tools can help FMs regain and maintain control of an office space while also improving efficiency.

With space management software, FMs can visualize occupancy and space utilization on real-time floor plans.

This way, they can see if there is enough space for growing teams, visualize where to introduce new meeting spaces and understand how best to implement hot desking policies. This product will help ensure that you’re maximizing space usage in your office and making every square foot count.

Visitor registration tool

As the FM, you’re expected to implement a guest policy for visitors to your facility—simplify this process by using a helpful visitor registration tool like Envoy. This tool can assist in identifying guests, notifying staff when they arrive and streamlining sign-in procedures, which will make life easier for your front desk staff while also adding a layer of safety to your visitor process.

Request management tool

Request management tool to simplify processes

Managing work orders shouldn’t be a time-consuming process for your team. Using a streamlined request management tool will simplify request processes, while casting them into the future. Investing in this type of tool allows employees to easily issue requests as soon as they emerge, especially when a request management tool is optimized for mobile.

These products can undoubtably make difference in your day-to-day operations by automating and centralizing the collection of data. And while there are many exciting up-and-coming technologies emerging, it’s important to appreciate the less glamorous options—after all, these are the tools that will ultimately help you stay organized, reduce costs and keep your facility running smoothly.


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