Space & Move Management

The 5 Complaints You Can Stop With OfficeSpace

David Spence
November 17th, 2014

Common Gripes That Our Software Addresses

1.) “This floorplan is out of date!”

While using floorplan PDFs and Excel sheets are certainly one way to track from-to moves, they’re definitely not the only way. There are other, more efficient methods of recording moves that don’t require you to survey the entire fourth floor and mark up a piece of paper while you do it. With software to manage moves for you, you can update a digital floorplan with a few simple clicks. OfficeSpace’s interface lets you drag and drop an employee from the old spot to the new one.

2.) “It’s impossible to find anyone.”

Easy wayfinding is important for both guests and employees alike. Getting lost and wandering around a building can be a stressful experience for visitors. Having to circle around a labyrinth of desks and cubicles can be frustrating for employees. To address this problem, our software features the Visual Directory™, which lets users search for people by name and presents them with their picture and contact info. (They can also use it to find items like copy machines, and areas like conference rooms.)

3.) “My new office space isn’t ready yet.”

Moving even one person requires several things from different parties. The FM must coordinate the move. The move team must carry items from the old location to the new one. IT must set up computer and phone connections, while HR needs to keep track of the worker’s new location and contact information. If a move is scheduled far ahead in advance, it’s very likely that one of these groups could forget, leaving the worker without an appropriate workstation.

To avoid this situation, OfficeSpace sends emails to all the people who need to be involved as soon as the move is scheduled. And when the actual move date approaches, it also sends reminder emails so that no one misses out on their part.

4.) “This software is too hard to use.”

Not every company has a facilities manager, and not everyone has the time to go through lengthy training processes. We made OfficeSpace easy to use so that anyone can feel comfortable with it—whether they’re an end user, an admin who manages an office or a facilities manager. We believe software should make things easier, not harder.

5.) “Customer service? What customer service?”

Facilities management is all about providing great customer service, so it only makes sense that the OfficeSpace team strives to do the same. While our software has been praised for its user-friendliness, there still may be times when you have question about a specific feature or capability. We aim to answer those questions in a quick and efficient manner by being as available as possible. Unlike some companies that promise what they can’t deliver, we are open about what our software does and doesn’t do. And we’re always open to new ideas and suggestions—in fact, some of the software’s features were born from conversations with our clients.

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