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The Top 5 Web Resources for Facilities Managers

David Spence
January 16th, 2014

Top Online Resources for Facilities Managers


The mother of all facility management resources, IFMA offers a handful of eBooks, seminars, white papers, and podcasts discussing the most pressing issues in the industry. Topics range from “Leadership & Strategy” to “Real Estate and Property Management” to “Trends and Innovation”—and that’s just for the white papers/podcast section. When you want to learn in a real-world setting, you can also choose from an extensive  list of classroom courses. They’re held on a regular basis in cities across the U.S., from Villanova, PA to Palo Alto, CA.

2. BOMI International

An organization dedicated to helping facilities managers  grow their careers, BOMI International offers a range of in-depth courses. According to a 2012 survey of those who received designations or certifications from BOMI International, 68% said their companies experienced a drop in operating costs, thanks to the education they received. And 94% said that the “programs helped better position their corporation…for success.”  Perhaps that’s because of BOMI International’s versatile course choices include online, classroom, and self-study options, letting FMs choose the style that works best for them.

3. Buildings

BuildingsVIP webinars cover six different areas. “Smarter Building Webinars” teach FMs how to save money by making smarter choices about the materials and practices used in their buildings. “Watch & Learn” offers advice from top manufacturers and service providers. “Smart Energy Expo” educates on making facilities more efficient with their energy usage, while “Smart Roofing Expo” describes how to keep roofs in great condition. For issues regarding mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, there’s the “Smart MEP Expo,” and facilities professionals can find answers to their sustainability questions in the “Smart Sustainability Expo.”

4. BOMA International

Not to be confused with BOMI International, this is the Building Owners and Managers Association International organization. From its website, users can download whitepapers discussing sustainable pest control and purchase guidebooks to emergency preparedness. On top of those resources, on-demand webinars discuss problems like buildings operations and management, codes and standards, and sustainability. e-Seminars educate on logistical issues, from mold to building security planning.

5. RealComm Conference Group

Shining the spotlight on the use of technology in corporate real estate, RealComm offers several webinars that will capture facility managers’ attention. Upcoming talks for 2014 include “IWMS-Challenges and Opportunities,” “Energy Related Technologies for Existing Building Retrofits,” and “Budgeting and Forecasting—What’s On the Horizon.” RealComm hosts one or two webinars each month, so FMs will have plenty of opportunities for continuing education throughout the year.

Facilities management is such a vast and dynamic field that ongoing education is practically a job requirement. Luckily, with a good Internet connection and a quiet place to focus, keeping up with the latest developments is a breeze.


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