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These Corporate Cafeterias Will Make Your Mouth Water

David Spence
April 23rd, 2015

7 Companies That Serve Up Excellent Dining Options

1.) Marvell Technologies

Many of the employees at this semiconductor company are Chinese, and the menu reflects this accordingly. Chinese sausage and tofu are just some of the options available, while fresh sushi also makes a regular appearance. The foods are also healthy and low-fat, so that employees can enjoy all of these dishes without packing in the calories.

2.) Zynga offices

Game developer Zynga has an in-house butcher, but it caters to every palate by serving vegan and vegetarian dishes. The idea driving its food program is bringing great (and free) food to its employees as a convenience. “We’re all working hard here, and we can’t always go out to the restaurants. So we bring that to them,” executive chef Matthew DuTrumble once told USA Today. Whether you want a quick bite to eat or just something to snack on, there’s a variety of options at Zynga’s headquarters, including a pub, a candy store and a coffee shop.

3.) SAS Institute headquarters

Renowned for its excellent corporate culture, this software company also has an impressive dining program. The company grows its own produce from a one-acre sustainable farm. Chefs coordinate with the farmer’s keeper to decide which crops should be planted for the next season. And if employees don’t feel like cooking, or they need some food for their own events, they can order directly from the cafeteria, which provides foods ranging from personalized cookies to pork loin.

4.) Google offices worldwide

Just as it’s made waves in the office design world, Google has also set a standard for corporate dining. Employees in the Venice Beach office can all enjoy free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks and organic, locally sourced fruits and dairy are available at eight snack stations on the campus. The company’s childcare centers also boast organic vegetable gardens, letting the little Googlers of the future grow their own produce.

5.) Apple HQ

Caffe Macs concentrates on seafood, with menus including wood-fired pizzas with dungeness crab and seared sea bass with harissa sauce. According to a Huffington Post story about the day in the life of a Caffe Macs employee, Apple’s staff can also enjoy offerings from the juice bar, as well as a tapas bar on certain days of the week.

6.) Human Cancer Institute

Whether you’re an employee or just a connoisseur of fine foods, the cafeteria at this Salt Lake City institution is open to anyone. Instead of basic cafeteria fare, diners enjoy dishes like fresh seafoods and green apple and gorgonzola salad. Collaborations with local restaurants also shake up the menu, with options ranging from Greek to Cantonese.

7.) Pixar

The animated movie studio’s Café Luxo is located in an atrium and lined with picnic tables so staff can easily bounce ideas off of one another. To fuels this creativity, the cafeteria offers dishes like seared ahi tuna and bok choi, as well as more fanciful items like “sugar-balsamic pancakes topped with a poppyseed crème fraîche.” It’s not your normal Pancake Tuesday.

Of course, not every company has the money or resources to hire high-end chefs. But even if you contract your food service, you can still look for providers that offer healthy, sustainable and varied options. By doing so, you can prevent workers suffering from low blood sugar and give them a convenient alternative to leaving the office for take-out. Bon appétit!

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Photo credit: 湯豆腐のつもりが鶏で水炊き via photopin (license)