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Learn how we can solve your space allocation and move management challenges, with a powerfully smart solution that combines agility and simplicity.


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OfficeSpace is more than just workplace management software

It’s a search engine for your workplace.

It’s insights that reduce real estate costs.

It’s a way to optimize your facility and engage employees.

As the leading workplace management platform for managing facilities of every size, we give forward-thinking companies the tools and insights they need to engage employees and transform the workplace.

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How do our customers feel about us?

"This has been a huge win for our company, employees and for me, especially when the COO (who is also head of all technology) sent me a personal note saying "Awesome job with OfficeSpace". That felt great!"

ExactTarget- Tami Koch

"I have implemented multiple software solutions over the years, and this has been by far the best experience I've had - the service, quality, and dedication has been great. I'm extremely pleased with the relationship we have with you all."

Intouch Group- Matthew J. Goyer

"I was using the majority of OfficeSpace after just an hour of instruction. Yes, it's that easy and very intuitive. I highly recommend OfficeSpace and I give an A+ to their customer service."

Campus Management Corp-

Chuck Thompson

Transform your facility with the ultimate workplace management platform