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Learn how we can solve your space allocation and move management challenges, with a powerfully smart solution that combines agility and simplicity.
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How do our customers
feel about us?

"This has been a huge win for our company, employees and for me, especially when the COO (who is also head of all technology) sent me a personal note saying "Awesome job with OfficeSpace". That felt great!"

Tami Koch

"OfficeSpace is powerful and immensely helpful, yet intuitive and easy to use. Scheduling moves, scenario planning, and utilization reporting is as easy as point, click, drag, and done."

Young & Rubicam Group
Opher Lichter

"I was using the majority of OfficeSpace after just an hour of instruction. Yes, it's that easy and very intuitive. I highly recommend OfficeSpace and I give an A+ to their customer service."

Campus Management Corp
Chuck Thompson