May 19, 2022

Press Release

OfficeSpace Room Booking Offers Effortless Options and Accessibility 

As businesses embrace a hybrid workplace improved options for collaboration are in demand, OfficeSpace responds with expanded room booking solutions.


ATLANTA, May 19, 2022 – OfficeSpace Software, the creator of better workplaces, announces improved collaboration options for hybrid offices and employees, with expanded capabilities to its Room Booking solution.

“The need and desire for collaboration remain a critical factor for organizations as they redefine what the hybrid workplace looks like for their employees,” said David Cocchiara, OfficeSpace CEO. “Businesses need tools and technology to keep pace with changing employee behaviors and to help grow and retain talent. While many employees have returned to the workplace, they haven’t returned full time. Organizations are finding they don’t have the right tools or access to information around how – or when – employees are using meeting rooms and spaces. OfficeSpace’s Room Booking provides actionable insights for employers, enabling them to adjust their strategies as employee behavior continues to change and evolve.”

“The consistent and growing increases in usage clearly tells us employees are looking for collaboration when they are in the office and that the evolution of employee behavior is directly affecting the workplace,” added Cocchiara.

This data also reflects a recent OfficeSpace Harris Poll survey indicating that employees want to return to the office and want a safe, hybrid workplace model where they’re able to collaborate with their peers and find the space they need.

OfficeSpace’s easy-to-use Room Booking solution aids collaboration in a hybrid workplace by allowing users to find, book, and check into any meeting room or space anytime, anywhere, from any device. Additional features include:

  • Book multiple rooms for a single hybrid meeting. OfficeSpace’s Outlook add-in allows users to book rooms for attendees who are in different locations. Whether in another office, on a different floor or working from home, OfficeSpace Room Booking enables users to find the right room for everyone, from wherever they are working in the workplace.
  • Enable impromptu collaboration and quick huddles with interactive room displays. Using OfficeSpace, users can easily identify which rooms are available and book with a single tap, and they can easily cancel or extend the meeting as needed.
  • Access a Room Booking trends dashboard for all the data and insights a business needs.

“Making collaboration easy for employees remains of utmost importance to companies,” noted Luke Anderson, OfficeSpace VP, Product & Strategy. “With our Room Booking enhancements, we are excited to continue partnering with our amazing clients to offer easy and intuitive solutions to meet their hybrid workplace needs.”


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