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OfficeSpace Software announces partnership with VergeSense

David Spence
September 4th, 2019

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between OfficeSpace Software and VergeSense, a leading sensor technology provider. This partnership will help OfficeSpace users take full advantage of the benefits of sensor technology.

VergeSense sensors track real-time occupancy data, which is reported via OfficeSpace Software’s existing integrated workplace management system (IWMS), resulting in the ability for users to make informed decisions to improve their space usage and create positive change in the workplace.

This partnership will enable users to more efficiently leverage the OfficeSpace Visual Directory® via the commercial real estate industry’s first deep-learning sensor, which can accurately report true occupancy within buildings and office spaces by analyzing both people counts and signs of working.

To avoid falsely assigning passively occupied workspaces, VergeSense can detect signs of working by identifying everyday employee items by position and shape. This includes, but is not limited to, a coat on a chair in a conference room, a laptop messenger bag strewn across a hotdesk, or even a coffee mug left alongside a scanner.

OfficeSpace leverages this data to display the usage of spaces over a period of time via each customer’s workplace tools, in addition to historical usage information.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with VergeSense”, said Faye McEachern, Strategic Partnerships Manager for OfficeSpace Software. “Our integration will allow clients to harness the power of VergeSense’s AI-powered sensors combined with OfficeSpace’s insights to make meaningful decisions in real time.”


The VergeSense sensor-as-a-service platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard that gives managers actionable insights and AI-powered recommendations. As VergeSense collects more data, it gets smarter with recommendations over time: the longer the data is used in the workplace, the better the data becomes, and the more confident your workplace can be in making informed decisions. 


Data can be streamed to take advantage of free addressing within OfficeSpace. For organizations that need more flexibility, free addressing can increase desk usage without the need for the facility management team to manually manage the process. This provides the ability to: 

  • View desk availability in real-time on mobile, desktop, or kiosk through the OfficeSpace Visual Directory®, 
  • Allow employees to sit at any available desk with OfficeSpace taking care of the rest, providing more choice to employees while increasing shared desk availability
  • Automatically update desk status the moment an employee takes a seat

VergeSense data can also power dynamic workplace strategies by identifying where employees are best situated to work at any specific moment. This opens up thousands of use cases for VergeSense data to accompany applications, which include: 

  • People counting, which provides a real-time and historical count of the number of property occupants
  • Room and desk utilization, which gives users the ability to measure utilization rates across a facility, from conference rooms to private offices to co-working areas—allowing users to best optimize the way a space is used 
  • Live addressing, which identifies open desks and dynamically assigns staff members to their desk to drive workplace efficiency and improve productivity and capacity 

“We’re excited to team with OfficeSpace to power free addressing and improve flexible workspace utilization for their customers,” said Kanav Dhir, Senior Product Manager at VergeSense. “The average office space was only 40% utilized last year as facility managers are missing the real-time information layer they need to inform data-driven decisions. VergeSense solves that problem with a simple to install and scalable sensor solution that feeds both data and AI-powered recommendations into the OfficeSpace workplace management system. As a result, OfficeSpace users will now be able to maximize the value of their real estate in real-time, while also improving workplace engagement for their employees.”

This partnership will help users take advantage of the power of sensors and their benefits, providing access to a range of powerful live occupancy data and insights that can improve space utilization, engage employees, and ultimately, transform the workplace.

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Photo Credits: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay, Juhasz Imre