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Jamie Kinch - Rapid7

Our CEO was adamant, if we’re going to change the workplace, let’s do it now so that when we come back we come back to something new. Rather than have people coming back to old habits, we want to try and create new habits.

Jamie Kinch
Vice President of Real Estate and Workplace Experience, Rapid7

See how Rapid7 is using OfficeSpace to create a hybrid workplace
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Hybrid work tools

Maximum flexibility. Minimum fuss.

The future of work is flexible. But flexible working is more than just flexible seating. With dynamic neighborhoods, powerful reporting, and hybrid workplace software that works on any device, OfficeSpace has everything you need to create a flexible work environment that supports every team’s needs.

Flexible seating

No two teams are the same. With OfficeSpace, you can use multiple seating strategies on the same floor plan to create setups that support every team member’s needs.


Group anyone that needs to collaborate together, no matter which department they work for. And let seating captains manage seats for their team members to save your (already busy) facility team some time.

Room booking

Support teamwork and help office-based co-workers and remote employees collaborate without limits. Make it easy to find, book, and check into rooms and desks via interactive real-time floor plans on any device—mobile, desktop, kiosks, and room displays.

Time-saving apps and integrations

Make the workplace better for both full-time office goers and remote workers. OfficeSpace works via mobile app, Slack, Teams, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Calendar to help employees stay productive.

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Insights into your hybrid workplace

Actionable insights. Meaningful workplace data.

Actionable insights and detailed reports help you measure and optimize your hybrid work strategy over time. See what’s working, fix what isn’t, and evolve your workspace to reflect demand.

Desk and Room Booking reports

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that demand for bookable desks and rooms is constantly changing. Real-time dashboards/reports help you spot trends, forecast demand, and be confident you have the right room and shared desk setups on offer to make life easier for your hybrid workforce.

Floor plan comparisons

Discover the best way to reconfigure your facilities with Scenarios. Use side-by-side floor plan comparisons to experiment with different options, collaborate with your team, and easily bring new floor plans to life.

Real-time workplace insights

Insights Hub shows you what’s happening across your portfolio in real-time. Quickly access critical metrics like cost per employee, occupancy, and operational costs—all in one place.

Neighborhood reports

Make sure every employee has the seating they need with neighborhood reports. See when and how desks are being used. Set and track allocation, sharing ratio, and capacity targets for each office neighborhood.

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Why choose OfficeSpace?

Invest in a hybrid work platform that can grow with you

With unmatched flexibility, OfficeSpace is the only workplace management software powerful enough to support your organization’s unique hybrid work model—today, tomorrow, and five years from now as needs change over time.

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OfficeSpace - A More Innovative Platform

Because hybrid work demands powerful workplace software

Don’t settle for a simple desk and room booking app when you really need a powerful workplace management platform to handle hybrid work. Book some time with our team and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Hybrid work models

Accelerate your transition to the future of work

Organizations are using four hybrid working models to adapt to hybrid work. Knowing which model supports your company’s needs can accelerate how you transform the office, return employees, and create a better workplace experience for everyone.


Traditionalists are office-focused. While they’ll introduce some flexibility for hybrid work, a Traditionalist’s post-pandemic workplace won’t look much different to the way it did pre-pandemic.


Architects are redesigning the role of the workplace. Employees will spend most of their time remote working and bookable desks will be available on request at physical office locations to support in-office teamwork.


Nomads balance remote-work flexibility with in-office attendance. The workplace is focused on flexible work and collaboration. And while employees have some control over where they work during the workweek, they are expected to spend a workday or two at the office.


Pioneers are redefining the new normal by giving employees the freedom to choose where, when, and how they work. Employees can spend five days a week at the office, split their week between home and HQ, or go fully remote. Physical workplaces are transformed to support a variety of employee needs, work schedules, and work policies.


Integrated, connected, secure

Save everyone time with a platform that integrates with all of the tools your people already use.

From sensors to AI and a range of time-saving integrations, OfficeSpace connects to all of the tools your people already use to take your workplace to the next level.

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