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Desk Booking

Get the most out of your space with smarter desk booking

Desk Booking enables you to create flexible seating strategies with easy-to-use booking software that works on any device, making it easy for employees to find, book, and check in to desks.

Distancing Planner

Simplify the challenge of social distancing in the workplace

Distancing Planner instantly generates safe and accurate distanced seating plans. Know the maximum amount of safe assigned or bookable seats you can provide to your employees.

Visual Directory®

Connect to the workplace in real time

Visual Directory® helps your employees find, book, and connect with everything they need in the workplace. Keep your people productive and engaged, and give them the tools they expect on every device they use.

Scenario Planning

Make smarter, faster changes to your floor plans

Scenarios helps you find the best way to reconfigure your facility. Collaborate with your team, experiment with different floor plan changes, and easily bring your new floor plans to life.

Move Management

Take the stress out of moves

Move Manager takes the complexity out of move management. Handle your moves with intelligent tools and interactive floor plans, track people and moves with intuitive reports, and automate your move communications.


Create a safer work environment with employee wellness checks

Deliver a safer workplace experience for employees, with customizable questionnaires that are fully integrated with your company’s workplace management platform.

Room Booking

Collaborate without limits

Room Booking helps your people find the right room at the right time, every time, via desktop, mobile, or Slack. Get the critical insights you need to optimize room usage across your organization.

Slack & Microsoft Teams

Keep everyone engaged

OfficeSpace’s Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations make it easy for employees to find the people, places, and resources they need to be productive, using the tools they already use every day.

Mobile App

Empower employees with one app for everything

Eliminate barriers and make connecting to the workplace easy. The OfficeSpace Mobile App helps everyone find, book, and connect with everything they need in real time.

Stack Plans

Quickly reorganize teams across your portfolio

Stack Plans helps you quickly reorganize seating for entire departments or teams across multiple floors or locations in your portfolio. Get a high-level view of how your teams are dispersed, optimize wasted space, and quickly reorganize your entire portfolio.

Reports & Analytics

Make smarter decisions with better workplace data

Powerful out of the box reports and real-time workplace data give you the insights you need to understand how your space is being used and how to optimize your workplace.

Portfolio Reports

Get unlimited insight into your entire portfolio

With real-time reports and actionable insights helping you measure and understand your space, there’s no limit to what you can optimize in the workplace.

Request Management

Make office requests easier for everyone

Request Manager makes it easy to handle all your facility requests through an intuitive dashboard. Submitting requests takes seconds from any device, and the location of every issue is always included.

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Experience hybrid work without limits

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Client stories


“We did a whole 900-person move over one weekend.  We developed a plan using Scenarios and then implemented it all in OfficeSpace.”

Scott Moitiza
Senior Director of Real-Estate and Facilities, Procore