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Workplace Intelligence

Evolve your workplace strategy, improve employee experience, and right-size your real-estate investments.

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Space Planning

End-to-end space planning tools to create efficient office layouts that support employee needs and company goals.

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Desk Booking

Give people easy-to-use, desk booking software that’s easy to use on any device, and get visibility into your office use.

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Room Booking

Drive collaboration. Book rooms any way you like, see how your spaces are being used with intuitive dashboards.

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Visitor Management

Create custom visitor experiences, check-in visitors and deliveries, instantly notify employees, and create visitor logs.

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Portfolio Reports

Get more out of your real estate investment with combined lease and usage data and see the true cost of your locations.

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Stack Plans

Get a high-level view of how your teams are dispersed, optimize wasted space, and quickly reorganize your entire portfolio.

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Scenario Planning

Find the best version of your floor plan, collaborate, experiment with different options, and bring new floor plans to life.

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Move Management

Easily manage one-off and large-scale seat changes in one powerful platform that automates repetitive and tendinous tasks.

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Request Management

Submit requests in seconds. See the location of every issue on your floor plan. Respond to requests in real time from a centralized dashboard.

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Reports & Analytics

With powerful out-of-the-box reports and real-time data in easily to consume dashboards you can make faster more confident decisions.

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Mobile App

Find, book, and connect with everything you need in the workplace with the OfficeSpace mobile app.

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Visual Directory

Connect teams with desks, rooms, printers, and each other with interactive digital floor plans available on any device.

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Slack & Microsoft Teams Apps

Find what you need, book desks and rooms, submit workplace requests, and check-into desks and rooms all within your favorite place to work.

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Client stories


“We did a whole 900-person move over one weekend.  We developed a plan using Scenarios and then implemented it all in OfficeSpace.”

Scott Moitiza
Senior Director of Real-Estate and Facilities, Procore