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Accelerate collaboration and help everyone find the right room at the right time. Get the critical insights you need to optimize room usage across your organization.

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Harry's testimonial

“We have touchscreen kiosks across our floors. Being able to find and book rooms on the floor plan helps our team know their space and get to meetings quickly and efficiently.”

Celeste Candela
Workplace Experience Manager, Harry’s


Find, book, and check into rooms fast

Find and book in seconds

Employees can search for rooms via interactive real-time floor plans on any device, whether they’re at their desk or on the go.

Advanced search

Need a room with a TV and a phone? Search for meeting spaces by location or room feature, via real-time office maps that work on any device.

Real-time availability

OfficeSpace updates in real-time so you can see when rooms are free the second they become available.

Room displays

Book available rooms and check into impromptu meetings on the spot with interactive room displays.

Two people, one standing with computer


Book multiple rooms for a single hybrid meeting

Coordinating meetings across multiple rooms and locations just got easier. Our Outlook add-in finds the right rooms for everyone, wherever they’re working.

See where attendees are located

Know whether your attendees are joining from the Boston office, another building or floor on site, or home.

Book the right rooms, fast

Meeting organizers are given a list of available rooms with the right seating capacity, setup, and location for each attendee.

Keep everyone informed

Office maps are attached to the meeting’s calendar invite so everyone can find their meeting room quickly.


Get real-time insights on room and space usage

Room Booking Dashboard

Spot room booking trends via real-time dashboards. Understand how rooms are being used and optimize your setup to support every employee


Say goodbye to no-shows and maximize room availability in the workplace. If a meeting owner fails to check into a room booking, auto-release will automatically free up the space for others to use.

One app for everything

Other solutions force people to use a different app for every task—one app for booking desks, another app for booking rooms. With OfficeSpace, your employees get one easy app for everything.

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Take room booking to the next level

Slack and Microsoft Teams

Quickly find, book, and check into rooms via Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Google Calendar and Office 365

Book rooms in real-time via your office calendar.


Add a Zoom link to any room reservation and make sure remote employees can attend in-office meetings.

Room display hardware

OfficeSpace plays well with most room display hardware providers. From iPad and Android tablets to Crestron screens, we can support your choice of meeting room display.

Because booking the right room shouldn’t take longer than the actual meeting itself

Book some time with our team to see Room Booking in action. Learn how OfficeSpace can make collaboration easier for everyone.

Client stories

Shopify testimonial

“Shopifolk rely heavily on the Slack integration to quickly find colleagues, locate meeting rooms, book desks, and track down resources.  In Facilities and Real Estate, we’re always deferring to /find to locate employees and check if they’re seated.”

Alicia Murrell
Workplace Experience Manager, Shopify