Scenario Planning

See your optimal office layout. Then see how to get there.

Find the best way to reconfigure your facilities. Collaborate with your team, experiment with different options, and easily bring new floor plans to life.

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K&L Gates Testimonial

“All of our offices use Move Manager and Scenarios. Move Manager streamlines every step of the move process—seating assignments, scheduling, and sending communications out to everyone involved. And it’s so helpful to create virtual versions of our floor plans in Scenarios, and play around with a few different options, especially when we’re planning big office reshuffles.”

Bernard Morrissey
Chief Officer for Real Estate and Facilities, K&L Gates


Adapt your floor plans with ease

Say goodbye to Excel

Stop managing floor plan changes with a spreadsheet. With Scenarios, it’s easy to implement one-off changes and large-scale reconfigurations.

Compare your options

See the current state of floors and seats, test new layouts, and compare several versions of your new floor plan before making any changes to your facility.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Work with stakeholders to review different configurations, play around with seating arrangements, and make sure everyone’s happy.

Plan for the new hybrid workplace

Bringing your people back in groups or phases? Create floor plans for each stage of your reopening in advance, and implement them in seconds as needs change over time.

See how future changes will impact your space

Compare big picture metrics like number of occupants and occupancy status between your existing and scenario floor plans, and make sure that every change supports your goals before you update the office.

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Scenario Merge

Bring your new floor plans to life

Track every move

To make sure you don’t miss a single move during the update, Scenarios lists all of the moves you’ll need to schedule to transition from your current floor plan to your incoming floor plan.

Tackle every change

Get a list of the facility changes you’ll need to complete to implement your new floor plan—changes to seats, rooms, and utilities.

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Collaborate, experiment, and test floor plan changes with ease

See Scenario Planning in action and discover how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

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“We used Scenarios to place employees in potential seats as we received the seating arrangements from department heads and team managers. It was really helpful to have a ‘rough draft’ to play around with. By the time the move happened, the Scenario was entirely filled out so the merging process was simple and painless.”

Jamie Kinch
VP Real Estate and Workplace Experience, Rapid7

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