Hybrid workplace software for tech companies

OfficeSpace has all of the tools, reports, and insights you need to create a hybrid workplace without limits. Companies like HubSpot, Drift, and Rapid7 leverage OfficeSpace to deliver an exceptional hybrid workplace experience.

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What can you create with OfficeSpace’s intuitive features?

Seating that’s truly flexible

Assigned, bookable, or activity-based? The choice is yours. Customize seating down to the needs of each person, without the administrative headache. Track desk usage via real-time dashboards and make sure your setup is working well for everyone.

Collaboration that’s organic

See who’s in on any given day. Find the perfect desk and workspace. Book desks and rooms on the go and effortlessly set up hybrid meetings. Help employees collaborate organically, without limits.

An exceptional hybrid experience

With Slack & Teams integrations, interactive office maps, workplace requests, and an intuitive mobile app, OfficeSpace helps everyone stay connected, productive, and engaged—wherever work happens.

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Bringing a globalized workplace tool into the company was game-changing for us. My team gets all of the tools it needs to manage every part of the workplace. And employees get intuitive software they use to connect with anything and everyone in the workplace.

Jason Saham, Director of Executive Operations


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Leverage your tech stack

OfficeSpace integrates with the tools your people already rely on—Slack, Teams, Okta, O365, Google, and so much more.

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Take your hybrid experience to the next level

6 tactics to improve the employee experience for a hybrid workforce

It’s hard to meet everyone’s needs with a hybrid workplace—but not impossible. Discover six tactics to improve the employee experience for any hybrid workforce.

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