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Top financial organizations like Scotiabank, Lending Tree, and Centra Credit Union leverage OfficeSpace to drive efficiency in the workplace. Get the tools and insights you need to create a world-class workplace experience.

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Do more with OfficeSpace’s intuitive features

Optimize your space

See what’s working and fix what isn’t. Detailed reports and real-time dashboards show you which spaces are being used and which aren’t. Connect the dots between space use and space costs, and gain the confidence you need to optimize your workspaces.

ICP finance optimization

Oversee desks, rooms, and requests

Manage seats and spaces in your workplace efficiently from any device—desktop, tablet, or mobile. Simply seating assignments, or add Desk Booking, Room Booking, and Request Management to take your workplace to the next level.

ICP finance oversee

Organize your entire portfolio

Expand, shrink, or consolidate your entire portfolio to match your new normal. Leverage space forecasting, stack planning, virtual scenarios, and Lease Manager to optimize your real estate portfolio quickly and efficiently.

ICP finance organize
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It took me a year to research our options and whittle our choice down to OfficeSpace. I looked at about 12 software companies and assessed their pros and cons. Out of all the companies that we reviewed, OfficeSpace was by far the easiest and most intuitive system to use.

Sharon Taylor Assistant Vice President of Facilities

Centra Credit Union


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Data security that exceeds your standards

Performance, security, and data privacy are first-order considerations for how we design our products and policies. Security audits, data segregation, and encryption are part of our standard practices.

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Client Stories

Centra Credit Union

“It’s really easy to work with OfficeSpace. If I ever have an issue with a new floor plan, the response times are really good. With Centra continuing to open new branches, I will send new floor plans to the team and they will upload them for me really quickly. OfficeSpace always listens, understands my issue, and responds fast. I just don’t know that any other company would do that.”

Sharon Taylor
Assistant Vice President of Facilities

Centra Credit Union Client Story
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