Desk Booking

Desk booking software for the hybrid workforce

Make working in the hybrid workplace easier for everyone. Give your people safe, flexible seating that’s easy to use via desk booking software that works on any device.

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Desk Booking and Flexible seating

“Now that we have to maintain social distancing in the office, we have taken full advantage of our Desk Booking system. It’s so easy to designate active and inactive desks to implement social distancing. And being able to see our occupancy rates with our distanced, interactive floor plans has been very useful for us.”

Randy Peterson
Senior Director of Real Estate and Facilities, AllianceRx

Desk Booking Solutions

Help everyone do their best work

Use any combination of flexible working and tailored setups that create an exceptional workplace experience for everyone.

Hot Desking

Multiple employees can use the same hot desk at different time periods, without needing to book it in advance.

Desk Hoteling

Anyone can use office hoteling desks, but bookings must be made in advance

Free Addressing

Employees use any available desk. Sensors update the status of these desks in real-time.

Activity Based Working

Turn anything on your floor plan into a bookable activity-based workspace and customize how it’s used.


Mix and match seating types as needed and give teams the flexibility they need. Desk permissions and seating captains make it easier to manage seat allocations.

Three people, one with phone

Key features and functionality

Find, book, and check into desks in real time


With Desk Booking, employees can see which co-workers are in the office on any given day and book a desk in seconds—no steep learning curve required.

Works on any device

Employees can find, book, and check into desk bookings on mobile app, desktop, touchscreen kiosk, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Intelligent search

Need a standing desk and an external monitor for the day? With intelligent search, everyone can search for seats by location and features to find the desk they need with interactive floor plans.

Automate check-ins

Connect badge or WiFi data sources to trigger automated desk check-ins for totally accurate insights on daily utilization and RTO policy compliance.

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PERMISSIONS and desk management

All the control you need. Just set it and forget it.


Make desks available to select individuals or to groups of employees within a specific department. Set up restriction templates and apply them quickly to other seats.

Booking settings

Create a booking experience that makes sense for your company. Set the number of desk reservations by floor or site. Enable recurring and multi-day bookings and set advance booking limits.

Advanced API

Do more with your desk booking data. OfficeSpace’s advanced API lets you integrate your desk booking data with other apps, platforms, and intranets.

Booking management

Manage booking requests in one place. Quickly review, approve, and decline booking requests with Booking Manager. See team members’ bookings in real-time and access historical booking data.


Drive your decisions with reliable real-time data

Measure usage and adoption

Understand your booking funnel and desk utilization. Insights Hub helps you learn employee seating preferences, track seating trends, see which workstations go unused, and measure adoption rates over time.

Forecast future demand

See the impact your booking process has on office capacity by floor or location. Forecast the future demand for non-permanent desks and know when to increase or decrease your inventory of bookable desks.

Improve your flexible workplace over time

Accurate data and detailed reports inside OfficeSpace help you optimize how your desks are used. See what’s working, fix what isn’t, and improve your flexible workspace as needs change.

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Because if you’re limiting employees seating options, you’re limiting their workplace experience

Make desk sharing easier for everyone with a desk reservation system team members will love. See Desk Booking in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client Stories

Syneos Health

“To comply with pandemic work environment restrictions, we established a maximum number of employees that could go to the office each day and made every desk bookable by request.”

Susana Fraile Vesperinas
Office Manager Corporate Real Estate and Services Spain, Syneos Health

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