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Your window to the workplace

Help employees understand their workplace. Find, book, and connect with everything via interactive floor plans in real-time.

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Shopify- OfficeSpace Client

“Visual Directory® kiosks are so essential to the way our people navigate their spaces that we constantly get requests to add more. Our people really rely on the interactive maps inside OfficeSpace to get wherever they need to go.”

Alicia Murrell
Workplace Experience Manager, Shopify

Employee Experience

Deliver the ultimate employee experience

Easy to use

Give your people workplace software they’ll actually use. Visual Directory® is so intuitive that everyone can find, book, and connect with everything they need from day one.

Works on any device

Visual Directory® works everywhere your people do, on desktop, mobile, and touchscreen kiosk.

Help everyone save time

Visual Directory® connects seamlessly with all of the apps your workplace team is already using—employee directory, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Two people, one with coffee

Find, book, connect

So much more than wayfinding

Desk Booking

See who’s in the office on any given day. Find, book, and check into desks in seconds. And use intelligent search to find the desk you need.

Room Booking

Make it easy to find the perfect room, every time. Employees can locate, book, and check into rooms via your floor plan using any device.

Request Management

Drop a pin on your floor plan and send a request to your facilities team in seconds. With Visual Directory®, it’s that simple.

Real-time wayfinding

Help everyone navigate the new office. Visual Directory® updates in real time, so employees will always see the latest lay of the land the second your floor plans are updated.

Two people, one sitting with computer

Because hybrid work demands the best digital experience

See Visual Directory® in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

Harry's testimonial

“Outside of my Workplace Experience Team’s needs, Visual Directory is incredibly helpful for our employees navigating the office, and for visitors and new hires who need to familiarize themselves with the office layout.”

Celeste Candela
Workplace Experience Manager, Harry’s

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