Get the most out of your space, and connect the people in it.

We built OfficeSpace to fuel hybrid work with easier ways to book desks and rooms, optimize workspaces, and boost employee connection. Now we’ve added Greetly visitor management to revolutionize your reception desk.

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Greetly by OfficeSpace

Customizable visitor management software checks in visitors, packages, and food deliveries and instantly notifies employees for fast, easy connection.

Meet your digital receptionist.

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Do Great Things With Greetly

Customize Branding & Workflows

Add your own colors, logos, languages and forms. Create custom workflows for guests, deliveries, employees, events, and more.

Check-in Visitors & Deliveries

Check-in pre-registered and walk-in visitors via iOS and Android kiosks or on their own mobile devices.

Notify Employees

Instantly alert employees to visitor & delivery arrivals via Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, email, text, or phone.

Create Visitor Logs & Reports

Securely collect a digital logbook of visitors and deliveries with date and time stamps. Collect forms and signatures, then audit reports for compliance.

Streamline Mailroom Management

Real-time package tracking, photo and QR code check-ins keep items secure. Get data-driven insights to optimize your mailroom ops.


Effortless Delivery Management & Tracking

Our Digital Mailroom solution streamlines mail sorting & package handling for hybrid offices with:

  • Real-time tracking and scheduled notifications via Slack, Teams, or Google Chat.
  • Seamless photo check-in and scannable QR codes.
  • Smart, data-driven insights to optimize your mailroom operations.
  • Fast integration with Virtual Receptionist to register users in seconds.



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5 stars

“Greetly helped reduce our overhead”

“Greetly helped reduce our overhead costs since it handles visitors logging, document signing, pre-registrations, host notifications, and many more! Having worked in IT for more than 10 years, I am quite meticulous when new software is rolled out in our infrastructure; however, Greetly greatly exceeded my expectations and is definitely worth its weight in gold!”

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Creating great visitor experiences for some of the world’s top brands

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Pricing & Plans

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Get the most out of your visitor & delivery management software

Save money

Reinvest receptionist time into high-value activities without sacrificing your visitor & employee experience. 

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Ensure security

Print badges, control access, and track visitors in real time. Alert and confirm guest status during emergency events.

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Boost connection

Keep your team productive and alert them to visitor and package deliveries.  Make it easy and enjoyable for visitors to get in and out.

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Modernize your workplace

Do more with less without sacrificing safety, communication, or speed across locations.

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Discover OfficeSpace

Workplace Management Software for Hybrid Work

Space Management

Manage and optimize your space plan and right-size your real estate portfolio. 

Visual Directory

Connect teams with resources and each other with interactive digital floor plans.

Desk Booking

Find, book, and check into desks on mobile, desktop, kiosk, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Room Booking

Find, book, and check into rooms on mobile, desktop, room displays, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. 

Insights Hub

Analyze utilization, presence, desk, and room booking data in real-time.

Stack & Scenario Planning

Test scenarios, collaborate, and quickly publish new floor plans.

Mobile App

Connect in real-time from any iOS or Android device.

Slack & Teams

Manage your desk and room bookings directly in the workplace apps your team uses.

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5 stars

“Efficient workplace management software”

“Whether it’s reopening offices, managing flexible working arrangements, or delivering an exceptional employee experience, OfficeSpace simplifies the process with its integrated platform and world-class support. I highly recommend OfficeSpace to anyone looking to transform their workplace management processes and create a better workplace experience for their employees.”


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Revolutionize your reception desk.

Customizable visitor management software checks in visitors, packages, and food deliveries and instantly notifies employees for fast, easy connection.

Meet your digital receptionist.

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