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With powerful out-of-the-box reports, OfficeSpace gives you the insights you need to understand your workplace and how it’s being used—all in one place.

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K&L Gates Testimonial

“It’s incredibly important for me to be able to check the density of each of our offices in real-time—what’s occupied, what isn’t—because I’m not able to be in every location. So when I have a question like “What’s the situation in Tokyo?,” I can go to OfficeSpace and get the answer in seconds.”

Bernard Morrissey
Chief Officer for Real Estate and Facilities K&L Gates


The insights you need, the second you need them

Access critical workplace metrics

Insights Hub shows you what’s happening across your portfolio in real time. Quickly access critical metrics like cost per employee, occupancy, and operational costs—all in one place.

Understand occupancy and allocation

Space, occupancy, and desk booking reports show you how every inch of your organization is being used. Know how much space you have and get accurate occupancy and allocation data the second you need it.

See where your budget is going

Combine real estate costs with occupancy and headcount metrics to build benchmarks for your global portfolio.

Know when you’ll run out of space

Stay one step ahead of your space requirements and adapt to future demand with forecast reports.

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Because the world’s best workplaces aren’t built on gut decisions

See all of our workplace reports and analytics in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories


“I’m a heavy user of occupancy and headcount reports. I run the Occupancy — By Location report twice a month to get a snapshot of how many seats, cubes, and rooms we have vacant to accommodate for new hires. I used to manually create these reports in Excel, but I could never pull them together as quickly or accurately as I can now with OfficeSpace.”

Scott Moitoza
Senior Director of Real-Estate and Facilities, Procore