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See why the world’s best brands choose OfficeSpace, the only solution that has everything you need to meet the demands of hybrid work head on—an innovative platform, an intuitive experience, and an invested team.


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OfficeSpace is simple and easy to use, the app is very quick, with a great user experience, but with loads of features, we have never had to train users how to use it, it’s easy to manage, it’s how all software should be.
OfficeSpace Software has been a game changer for our employees and facility management teams.
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Other solutions limit your options for your workplace

The expectation to deliver a better workplace experience has never been higher. Don’t limit what you can achieve when it comes to creating a better workplace experience for everyone. Discover why OfficeSpace will never limit what you can achieve with your workplace.


Because if your workplace software can’t handle constant disruption, neither will your workplace

All-in-one platform

Build your workplace strategy on a platform that’s continuously improving with regular updates, added features, and new integrations.

Solutions for flexible work

The future of work is flexible. Only OfficeSpace helps you empower employees with a range of options for where, when, and how they can work while they’re at the office.

Time-saving integrations

Save everyone time with a platform that integrates with all of the tools your people already use—Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, HR Software, Single Sign-On, and more.

Out-of-the-box reports

Sophisticated reports link your cost and usage data to help you make smarter allocation decisions and understand how your space is being used.

Future-proof technology

OfficeSpace has everything you need to adapt to the new hybrid workplace and evolve your strategy as needs change over time.

Two people, one sitting with computer


Because no one should spend their entire lunchbreak trying to figure out how to reserve a conference room

Real-time visibility

Keep everyone informed, with automated notifications and interactive floor plans that work in real time on any device.

Works everywhere your people do

Give your team intuitive software that works on any device. Complete a wellness check on your phone. Manage moves on your tablet while you’re walking the floor.

Software your team will actually use

Empower everyone with easy-to-use workplace software—one place to connect with the people, places, and resources they need to be productive.


Because it’s going to take more than just a user forum and a support ticket to optimize your workplace strategy

Expert knowledge

Get helpful guidance from workplace management experts who can share strategies and best practices to make your office return as smooth as possible.

A proactive team

Partner with a team that listens to—and acts on—your requests for new features and improvements to the software.

Responsive support

Spend less time waiting for answers, with a client services team that you can easily reach whenever you need.

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Get the freedom to create the workplace you want

See all of our features in action and learn why OfficeSpace is the best choice for your people.

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As a platform, OfficeSpace is constantly innovating and adding new features. I’ve seen their platform grow right alongside ours. That’s not always been our experience with the other programs and systems we use. It’s great to know that our workplace management software will continue to evolve as our needs grow, too.

Alicia Murrell
Workplace Experience Manager, Shopify