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Unlimited insight into your entire portfolio

See where space and budget are going to waste and make swift improvements to your real estate.

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“I manage all of our leases with OfficeSpace. It’s a very quick way for me to see our annual costs and operating costs at a glance. And I use the real estate reports to quickly view accurate costs for each of Procore’s offices and understand why some locations are more expensive than others.”

Scott Moitoza
Senior Director of Real-Estate and Facilities, Procore


Dive into your data

Accurate data, the second you need it

See what’s happening across your portfolio in real time and instantly access critical metrics like cost per employee, occupancy, and operational costs.

Maximize your real estate budget

Combine your lease and usage data to understand the true cost of your locations. Make better use of wasted or expensive space and see where crucial improvements can be made.

Normalized lease costs

OfficeSpace normalizes your lease costs over the course of the year to give you a true understanding of costs and avoid any skewed data the next time your property manager gives you a month of free rent.

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Centralize your lease management

Manage your leases in one place

Store lease agreements, notes, images, and other documentation, and access them securely from the cloud.

Track important dates

Get notified when key dates are on the horizon and stay one step ahead of upcoming bills and lease renewals.

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Because better data drives better decisions

With real-time reports and actionable insights helping you measure and understand your space, there’s no limit to what you can optimize in the workplace.

Client stories

K&L Gates Testimonial

“It’s incredibly important for me to be able to check the density of each of our offices in real-time—what’s occupied, what isn’t—because I’m not able to be in every location. So when I have a question like “What’s the situation in Tokyo?” I can go to OfficeSpace and get the answer in seconds.”

Bernard Morrissey
Chief Officer for Real Estate and Facilities, K&L Gates