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“HUGE Timesaver; We should have used this years ago!”

“Our favorite thing about Greetly is that, quite simply, it saves us money. It produces less-friction for our clients/visitors and gives them a professional, easy reception experience. We absolutely love Greetly!”

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Revolutionize your reception desk

Check-in Visitors

Provide an easy check-in experience for pre-registered and walk-in visitors via iOS and Android kiosks, or on their own mobile devices.

  • Automatically send emails to new visitors.
  • Provide QR codes to scan-in on a personal device.
  • Manage bulk sign-ins for events.
  • Browse for employees with predictive search.


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Manage Deliveries

Our Digital Mailroom solution streamlines mail sorting & package handling for hybrid offices with:

  • Real-time package tracking.
  • Scheduled notifications via Slack, Teams, or Google Chat. 
  • Seamless photo & QR code check-in.
  • Data-driven insights to optimize mailroom operations.
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Create an unforgettable experience

Customize Branding & Workflows

Customize brand colors, logos, languages, forms, and workflows to fit your unique check-in process.

  • Create custom fields and questions.
  • Capture photos and ID scans. 
  • Request signatures for documents, waivers, visitor policies, or NDAs.
  • Print visitor badges.


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Integrated Visitor Registration

Notify Employees Instantly

Alert employees to visitor & delivery arrivals via Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, email, voice message, or text.

  • Customize your notification workflows and integrations.
  • Choose your notification preferences.


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Collect and audit data

Create Reports

Create a permanent digital record of visitors and deliveries with date and time stamps, run reports, then audit entries and form completions for regulatory compliance. 

  • Control report permissions. 
  • Audit required form submissions.
  • Download data in .CSV or PDF format.
  • Audit visitor history and download individual records.
  • Send visitor information to your CRM.


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Secure Data, Spaces, and People

Control Security & Access

Control access to designated spaces, manage emergency response operations, and maintain building security.

  • Control access to designated spaces.
  • Automate emergency evacuation notifications.
  • Require guests sign safety waivers. 
  • Automatically notify security when unauthorized guests attempt to sign-in.


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Your digital receptionist just clocked in.

It’s time to get the most out of your space, and connect the people in it.

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“Excellent Product”

“We recently launched Greetly here at the business. We have seen a major increase in productivity with Greetly handling visitor reception.”

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