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Meet the demands of hybrid work head on with neighborhoods—the best way to support every team with the seating they need.

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You can’t create a hybrid office
with one-size-fits-all seating

Everyone comes into the office at different times for different reasons. To keep up, workplaces need a huge variety of seating options to support every employee’s needs.

You can give employees the seating setup they need and avoid hours of painstaking admin while you’re at it with Neighborhoods, an advanced hybrid seating tool exclusive to OfficeSpace.

The hybrid workplace

Put people and seats together in a way that makes sense for your office

Neighborhoods are the best way to create a hybrid workplace that supports every department, team, and employee.

Simplify how employees find their seats whether they need to collaborate with others or focus on quiet work for the day

Empower teams to manage seating changes in their space

Group bookable, assigned, and open seats together to fit each team’s needs

Easily maintain membership, capacity, and booking permissions for each neighborhood

Track neighborhood capacity and optimize as needed


Less admin. Zero bottlenecks.

We’ve redesigned neighborhoods to save your workplace teams time and make life better for employees—these features are exclusive to OfficeSpace.

Team-managed seating

Neighborhood seating captains can approve seat changes and booking requests in seconds.

Multiple seat types

Create neighborhoods with any combination of seating—assigned, bookable, free addressing—and make sure every team has the setup they need.

Automated permissions

When a new hire joins the company or an employee switches teams, OfficeSpace will automatically update which desks and neighborhoods each employee can use—saving you from hours of painstaking admin.

Neighborhood reports

Set and track allocation, sharing ratio, and capacity targets for each neighborhood. See when and how desks are being used and optimize each neighborhood as needed.

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More flexibility. Less admin. Make life easier for everyone with Neighborhoods.

Only OfficeSpace gives you the flexibility and insights you need to create a hybrid workplace that supports every employee. See Neighborhoods in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.