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See how all the pieces fit together

Use Stack Plans to get a high-level view of how your teams are dispersed, optimize wasted space, and quickly reorganize your entire portfolio.

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Shopify testimonial

“Before we launched OfficeSpace internally, we didn’t have visibility into who sat where, and there was no way to track when people moved. We needed more accountability, better data, and accurate reporting to keep up with Shopify’s rapid growth.”

Alicia Murrell
Workplace Experience Manager, Shopify

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Reorganizing teams and departments doesn’t need to be difficult

Understand your space at a glance

With a high-level view of your portfolio, it’s easy to visualize how teams are split across floors and buildings and see exactly how your space is being used.

Move teams and departments in minutes

Drag and drop entire teams from one location to another and quickly improve how departments are organized across your portfolio.

Drive efficiency like never before

Make room for your projected growth and stay ahead of your space allocation requirements.

Help everyone do their best work

Make sure the right teams are sitting together and help your people stay productive, focused, and engaged.

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Because planning changes shouldn’t be harder than implementing them

The only limit to optimizing your space is your imagination. See Stack Plans in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

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“We used OfficeSpace to relocate over 1600 people to our new headquarters. OfficeSpace didn’t just streamline the process from start to finish. It drastically reduced the amount of post-move troubleshooting that’s usually involved with large-scale relocations like these.”

Sean Germano
Project Manager, Design & Construction, Dropbox