Get the best out of your space

OfficeSpace’s space management tools help you forecast, manage, and track how your workplace is being used, so you can better adapt your space to suit your company’s needs.

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Dropbox testimonial

“Relocating our headquarters was a huge move for us. OfficeSpace didn’t just streamline the process from start to finish. It drastically reduced the amount of post-move troubleshooting that’s usually involved with large-scale relocations like these.”

Sean Germano
Project Manager, Design & Construction, Dropbox

Space management tools

Wasted space is a wasted opportunity

Understand how space is being used

Is all of your space perfectly set up, or is there room for improvement? OfficeSpace gives you all of the tools and insights you need to see what’s working and optimize what isn’t, so you can create a better place for everyone.

See what’s happening at a glance

Insights Hub makes it easy to visualize occupancy and space utilization in real-time. Identify wasted space and understand exactly how your workplace is being used.

Prepare for the new hybrid workplace

COVID-19 has changed the way we work forever. Stay agile with a powerful platform that supports a safe, dynamic workplace for your people in any stage of reopening and beyond.

Make better use of your budget

How much do your empty desks and space cost? See where your budget is going, so you can accurately forecast your space requirements and avoid expanding before you need to.

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Make space an asset for your employees,
not just your balance sheet

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