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Everything you need to to manage your workspaces

Desk Booking

Give people easy-to-use, desk booking software that’s easy to use on any device, and get visibility into your office use.

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Move Management

Easily manage one-off and large-scale seat changes in one powerful platform that automates repetitive and tendinous tasks.

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Room Booking

Drive collaboration. Book rooms any way you like, see how your spaces are being used with intuitive dashboards.

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Request Management

Submit requests in seconds. See the location of every issue on your floor plan. Respond to requests in real time from a centralized dashboard.

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Reports & Analytics

With powerful out-of-the-box reports and real-time data in easily to consume dashboards you can make faster more confident decisions.

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Make the workplace work for everyone

Need a better way to manage the day-to-day? See all of these features in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

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“Bringing a globalized workplace tool into the company was game-changing for us. My facilities team gets all of the tools it needs to manage every part of the workplace. And employees get intuitive software that they can use to connect with anything and everyone in the workplace. The platform is so user friendly that our people get the hang of OfficeSpace in minutes.”

Jason Saham
Director of Executive Operations, Malwarebytes