Move Management

Move management software for the hybrid workplace

Collaborate, communicate, and manage small or large moves from start to finish with intelligent tools and interactive floor plans that remove the complexity from move management.

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Dropbox office

“At Dropbox, we use Move Manager to handle quick, one-off moves that happen almost daily—smaller reshuffles, seating new hires, terminations—and to orchestrate large-scale moves that involve in-depth planning and a variety of stakeholders.”

Sean Germano
Project Manager Design & Construction, Dropbox


Manage your moves, all in one place

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

Easily manage one-off seat changes and large-scale relocations from one powerful platform. Highlight the seats you need and quickly drag and drop people from A to B on your floor plan.

Collaborate and communicate

Let automation handle your  move notifications and keep everyone in the loop in real-time. Empower managers to decide where everyone on their team should sit.

Let your people do the requesting

Adjust your permissions and let employees submit their own move requests. You can modify, approve, or reject requests before they’re actioned, so you always have the final say.

Generate detailed move reports

Keep all of your moves and move communication neatly organized. Modify upcoming moves. Resolve seating conflicts. Access all of your completed moves. And see which moves are on the horizon.

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Functionality you’ll love for the tasks you don’t

Move Queues

Add groups of employees to a move list. When you’re ready to move someone to a new seat, drag and drop them from the list onto your floor plan. It’s that simple.

Smart Queues

Whenever a new hire is added to your HR directory, OfficeSpace adds them to a Smart Queue. You’ll always know how many incoming employees need a desk. And you can move everyone to a new seat in seconds.

Visual Move Data

Filter and visualize workplace occupancy data any way you like. Turn your floor plan into a powerful reporting tool and print customized floor plan views that highlight exactly what you need to see.

Seating Captains

With team-managed neighborhoods, you can assign seating captains to manage bookings, moves, and seat assignments inside their own neighborhood.


Make big moves, minus the headache

Oversee office reshuffles

Need to move an entire department or reorganize seating for a whole team? Scenario and Stack Plans make it easy to find space for every employee.

Edit your floor plans

Once a move is complete, make sure your floor plans accurately reflect your physical space. With Move Manager it’s easy to add more seats, insert new rooms, and make other quick updates.

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Because easier office moves improve the workplace experience for everyone

Discover a better move management system to handle one-off and large-scale moves in the workplace. Book some time with our team to see our move management software in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

K&L Gates Testimonial

“Move Manager is an incredible software solution. We used to plan and manage moves by hand, creating our own floor plans from scratch. It was tedious, and something would always slip through the cracks. Switching to OfficeSpace has saved my team a ton of time. Move Manager’s intuitive functionality makes it so much easier to manage the entire move process.”

Bernard Morrissey
Chief Officer for Real Estate and Facilities,
K&L Gates