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Work orders just became less work

Submit requests in seconds from any device. See the location of every issue on your floor plan. Respond to requests in real time from a centralized dashboard.

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“Unless you have the right system in place, sending requests to facilities can be a tedious process for employees. Being able to submit and track facility requests quickly—just by typing /request into Slack—has been a game-changer for everyone in our company.”

Scott Moitoza
Senior Director of Real-Estate and Facilities, Procore


Workplace requests. Simplified.

Submit requests in seconds

Send requests to your facilities team in seconds using any device you like. No frustrating ticketing system required.

Share the location on your floor plan

Every request is tied to a location on your floor plan, making every issue easier for facilities teams to address.

Keep in touch. Stay informed.

Request Manager automatically updates everyone on the progress of their requests, eliminating the need for email back-and-forth.

Send /requests via Slack

Type /request to submit and track requests in Slack. Managers can take it one step further, by receiving, reassigning, and responding to requests via Slack in real time.

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Deal with requests in real time

Centralize your requests

When you field requests via email, phone, and conversations in the hallway, things fall through the cracks. Request Manager centralizes your requests into a powerful, intuitive dashboard, making it easy to manage all of your requests in one place.

Shorten your response times

Receive requests in real time and see the location of every issue on your floor plan.

Manage requests on the go

Request Manager works everywhere you do, on whatever device you like—mobile, desktop, or Slack.

Team Performance

Measure performance, not busyness

Satisfaction Surveys

Measure employee satisfaction with automated follow-up surveys and get feedback straight from the source.

Built-in reports

Generate reports that show how your facilities team is responding to requests and contributing to company objectives.

Custom SLAs

Create your own Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and track metrics that are meaningful to your organization.

Three people, one with phone

Because post-it notes and emails limit everyone

Need a better way to manage office requests? Book some time with our team to see Request Manager in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

Centra Credit Union

“It took me a year to research our options and whittle our choice down to OfficeSpace. I looked at about 12 software companies and assessed their pros and cons. Out of all the companies that we reviewed, OfficeSpace was by far the easiest and most intuitive system to use.”

Sharon Taylor
Assistant Vice President of Facilities

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