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How LogicMonitor stays nimble in the face of rapidly changing space needs


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LogicMonitor is an IT monitoring platform that offers comprehensive visibility and insights into a company’s entire enterprise IT landscape, from their data centers to their local clouds. They’re the only hybrid infrastructure monitoring platform that’s cloud-based and fully automated.

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A small workplace team tasked with big changes

LogicMonitor Senior Manager of Workplace Experience and Facilities Kelly Conaway manages a small team with big responsibilities. They were already navigating a period of rapid growth before the pandemic hit. Now they’re tasked with optimizing a hybrid work model for their return to the office—all while keeping employees safe and happy across multiple locations.

“We’re a lean team with only a few people in these larger offices, so our bandwidth is tight,” Kelly says. They needed a workplace management solution with enough features and flexibility to streamline their processes, manage a growing headcount, and help them meet ever-changing external demands.


An adaptable platform to handle the new hybrid office

OfficeSpace provides a suite of tools that help LogicMonitor manage their workplace given their new hybrid reality.

OfficeSpace enables flexibility for us, and it makes our employees feel safe and comfortable. Multiple different features have really helped us with our facilities.


Tools for a safer office environment

In the early days of the pandemic, LogicMonitor found that a segment of their workforce was eager to get back into the office—as long as they could do so safely. The Workplace Experience team used health checks available through Safeguard® to meet this challenge.

“Having the daily health assessment form was a great feature to help us get people back in feeling safe and comfortable,” says Kelly. “We still use it.”

The team also used the OfficeSpace social distancing planner for all their offices, to quickly create distanced seating plans and determine their safe capacity. They’re now keeping the tool in their back pocket to help plan future events and live trainings.

“I love that tool,” says Kelly.


Helping employees use their office

LogicMonitor employees were initially hesitant to adopt the new office hoteling policy, a strategy in which desks are shared and booked in advance. Kelly and her team used OfficeSpace to simplify the desk booking process, helping get everyone on board.

With OfficeSpace, employees now have multiple ways to book desks: on their laptop, on their phone, or on any of the kiosks set up at office entryways. Employees also appreciate that desk booking integrates with Slack.

“They love using that integration,” says Kelly. “Everything is super easy, which is crucial for change management. Having everything in one place is vital to our success, and in making our spaces great places to work.”

LogicMonitor_OfficeSpace Software

Saving the Workplace Experience team time and effort

Having all their space management tools in one place has helped Kelly and her team create a routine and rhythm that supports everyone in the office.

If we didn’t have OfficeSpace through the pandemic journey, it would have made life a lot harder for my team. It shaved hours—if not days—of work that we would’ve had to do.

Since they maintain a mix of assigned and bookable desks, Kelly and her team also use scenario planning to help team managers determine where their people should sit after bigger moves.

“Managers can use the tool very easily—I just add them to the platform, and they can create their own seating charts,” she says.


Providing leadership with valuable data

LogicMonitor is a very data-driven company, and leadership needs accurate reports to inform their decision making. With OfficeSpace, Kelly is spending less time building reports, by viewing real time data from Insights Hub to understand things like their peak days and how frequently people are coming in.

This is helping us inform our future of work strategy, which has been just crucial.
Logicmonitor-OfficeSpace Software

Cost savings, time savings—and a future-proof office

Adopting OfficeSpace has been a big win for LogicMonitor. Leadership is happy, employees are happy, and the Workplace Experience team has saved themselves countless hours and headaches. They also haven’t had to hire anyone else to join their workplace team, despite the organization’s growth.

“It’s all bundled up into one nice package, making everything seamless and efficient, which is great for us,” says Kelly.

And since Safeguard is included with all OfficeSpace subscriptions, the executive team was happy to learn they had a solution for health checks that wouldn’t require them to invest thousands of dollars in an additional solution.

We realized—wow, that just saved us a big chunk of change.

Kelly also really appreciates the high touch, personal relationship she’s building with her OfficeSpace account managers. Whether she’s submitting a support ticket, requesting new features, or in their regular check-in meetings, she knows she has an invested partner who’s on her side for the long haul.

We’ve gotten a lot of great insights into what our future space could look like, and we’re excited to continue partnering with OfficeSpace to utilize even more features. I feel confident that OfficeSpace will have the tools we need in the future to help us strategize and stay informed.

LogicMonitor’s favorite features

Insights Hub

See what’s happening across your portfolio in real time. Access critical metrics like cost per employee, occupancy, and operational costs instantly—all in one place.

Desk Booking

Give employees intuitive desk booking software that works on any device. Use any combination of flexible seating, creating tailor-made setups to help your people do their best work.

Scenario Planning

Find the best way to reconfigure your facility. Experiment with different options and collaborate with different stakeholders to make smarter, faster changes to your floor plans.

Slack Integration

Help your employees save time and be more productive. They can search for anything, book desks and rooms, and send requests, all in seconds, through the Slack app they’re already using.

Scenario Merge

Because hybrid working demands agile workplace software

See all of our features in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help you create a workplace without limits.