Stay safe. Stay compliant.

Create a safer workplace with customizable COVID-19 wellness checks that work on any device. Safeguard™ is included in the price of a regular OfficeSpace subscription so there’s no added cost to keep your people safe.

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Syneos Testimonial

I’ve had employees thank me for introducing Safeguard. It makes people really think about whether they should really be going to the office today.

Kevin Dreher
Director of Corporate Real Estate, Syneos Health

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Keep your people safe and the office accessible

Anytime, everywhere access

Employees can complete their Safeguard forms in seconds via email, Slack, Teams, and Visual Directory® using their own mobile device.

Automated reminders

Safeguard prompts users to complete their forms before coming into the office. Admins are notified when an employee fails their Safeguard check.

A safer, healthier workplace

If an employee fails their Safeguard check, OfficeSpace will automatically cancel their desk reservation and free up the seat for someone else to use.


Comply with regulations in any region

Stay compliant

Safeguard forms are fully customizable. Tailor your forms and confirmation messages for different locations and comply with all local COVID-19 regulations.

Control building access

Keep the office safe with the Safeguard badge integration. Automatically activate an employee badge based on Safeguard form results.

Protect employee privacy

Safeguard only stores pass/fail results for each submission. Results are only available to users with admin permissions in your OfficeSpace account.

Track your team’s progress

Completion reports show you who is—and who isn’t—submitting their Safeguard forms, so you can identify your company’s non-completing worst offenders.

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Because you can’t create a post-COVID office with solutions from a pre-COVID world

Book some time with our team to see Safeguard in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

Syneos Health

“With Safeguard, you can comply with local law in each jurisdiction much faster. Otherwise, we would have had to manually check with anyone entering the facility. Safeguard provided a system to confirm and track compliance, and keep everyone safe.

Patrick Hoffman
SVP of Corporate Real Estate and Services, Syneos Health

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