Distancing Planner

Simplify social distancing in the workplace

Instantly generate distanced seating plans and know how many seats you can safely offer employees.

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Alliance RX Walgreens testimonial

“Distancing Planner made our office re-opening strategy so much easier. The tool instantly generates socially distanced floor plans, which really helped us for sites where we have unusual seating arrangements. We’re going to be using Distancing Planner to make the best use of our reduced capacity.”

Randy Peterson
Senior Director of Real Estate and Facilities, AllianceRxWP

Distancing Planner

Manage social distancing in the office and keep employees safe

Create accurate configurations in seconds

Distancing Planner instantly generates distanced seating plans in seconds, whether you’re updating an existing layout or making a new one from scratch.

Make quick adjustments in one click

Adjust distancing parameters in real time and see how it impacts the occupancy of your floor plan.

Stay compliant and keep everyone safe

Always know the maximum amount of assigned or bookable seats you can safely provide to employees. Quickly activate or deactivate desks as needed, and highlight which desks are safe and available for employees to use on your floor plans.

Optimize your strategy as needs change

Track your seating capacity and see who sat where on any given day. Detailed reports help you make data-driven improvements as needs change over time.

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Safely increase your desk capacity with groups

Say goodbye to guesswork

Create accurate seat availability groups in one click, and safely maximize the amount of seating you can offer to returning employees.

Edit plans in one click

Quickly and easily edit seat availability groups to match your team’s requirements.

Keep employees in the loop

Make it easy for everyone to find available seats in their assigned group with color-coded seating assignments on your floor plan.

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Because social distancing just turned your 87-seat office into a 43-seat office

Take the stress out of social distancing in the workplace. See Distancing Planner in action and learn how OfficeSpace can help.

Client stories

Syneos Health

We had to comply with six-feet social distancing between desks and a 20% capacity limit. It only took us two hours to convert a 400-seat office from assigned seating to hot desking using OfficeSpace.

Alberto Reyes
Corporate Real Estate Manager LATAM, Syneos Health

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