Space & Move Management

The Many Faces of OfficeSpace

David Spence
February 12th, 2015

4 Surprising Ways Our Clients Have Used OfficeSpace

Our software was founded on the concept of simplicity. Rather than attempting to do many things poorly, we strive to do a few specific things well: wayfinding, move management, space planning, etc. Within these categories, however, our clients have found some creative and surprising uses for our software that have helped their business in several different ways. I’ve outlined four of them to show you how OfficeSpace can make things easier for yourself, your colleagues and even your visitors.

Helping New Hires Learn the Territory


The Visual Directory™ helps staff find one another by displaying an employee’s photo, along with their email address, phone number, title and supervisor. This is a useful tool for new employees. Why? They don’t have to worry about remembering names and faces, along with the many other details they have to juggle during their first few days on the job. They can also find assets more easily. Rather than asking where a copy machine is located, they can simply pull up a map to see where the closest one is located. With OfficeSpace, new hires can feel more settled right away.


Guiding Visitors Along the Way


In 2013, one New York-based company used OfficeSpace to move almost 2,000 employees to a new office location. The company decided to install touch-screen televisions displaying maps on each floor. This helped coworkers find each other in the new space, but it was also a good resource for visitors. Our software, when used in such a way, can help streamline the visiting process. No longer will staff need to meet guests at the first floor lobby, or practice whatever cumbersome protocol might be used for receiving visitors.


Planning for Emergencies


In case an emergency happens, will your staff know how to deal with it? Will they know where to go? You can make sure they do by using our software. Our digital floorplans will assist you in planning the emergency exit routes. Once you’ve decided the route, you can print the plans out and distribute them to the staff for safekeeping. Employees can also review the digital floorplans to see where fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment are stored, so they can be prepared for any scenario.


Talking Space Concerns With Staff


Tracking space using paper and pencil can cause a number of headaches, like planning moves or other space changes with a messy, marked-up floorplan. With our experimental floorplans, however, you can avoid this problem. So when a staff member asks to meet to talk about their space needs, you can feel confident knowing that you’re presenting information in a professional and aesthetically pleasing manner. Our software makes it easy to visualize and plan new office layouts.


While we provide the software and support, our customers continue to find new and interesting ways to help OfficeSpace fit their needs. In fact, some of its current features were born out of conversations we’ve had with clients. If you spot an additional way our software could support your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you to find a good solution.