4 Ways​ ​to​ ​Re-purpose​ ​Traditional​ ​Office​ ​Spaces​ ​for​ ​Company​ ​Parties

Office parties can come at a great expense, requiring extensive time and effort to organize. Perhaps that’s why they’re traditionally held only a few times a year, at most. Spreading out company get-togethers can make them more fun and take the pressure off during holiday season. Food, dress and decorations can be more casual; you can get creative with new party ideas and embrace less celebrated seasons or occasions. Having parties more often, rather than just during holidays, can keep them low cost, low key and yet, still fun.

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One way to quickly and easily arrange events more frequently is to hold them at the office. We know what you’re thinking: how can an entire staff fit comfortably in one area of the workplace for the duration of a party? The answer is simple—get creative! We’ve come up with some ways to turn average office furniture, equipment and spaces into the perfect party-friendly accessories.

The bar

If you’re serving alcoholic beverages at your party, but aren’t sure where to set up the bar, consider improvising. Cubicles or storage units can be set up to serve just this purpose. And if you’re worried about lack of cocktail tables, throw some linens over a filing cabinet, place a bowl of snacks in the center and you’re all set.

One more tip: a great way to get your staff involved in the party planning is to organize a contest. Have a naming contest for your event’s “signature drink”, and ask employees to submit their best ideas for a company-themed cocktail.

The food

If your office has a cafeteria or large lunch room, the last thing you want to do is serve meals in this space during the party. Staff eat lunch at this location every day, and associate it with working hours. Instead, turn your conference room tables into buffets or hold a summertime picnic event on company green space.

The dance floor

Whether it's happening midday or carrying on until midnight, a party isn’t a party until the dance floor is full. If you’re holding a party during the warmer months, a great option for livelier interactions is the rooftop or balcony of your office building. This ensures that the loud noise and music doesn’t disrupt neighbors, and allows employees to recharge in the fresh air. If you don’t have an outdoor option, simply clear out the office cafeteria or lunchroom to accommodate a space for employees to have fun.

Keep it casual

While decorating for a party can help set a festive tone, it’s not always necessary. It’s entirely possible to hold a fantastic party without changing much about your office at all. If possible, consider organizing different games on different floors throughout the facility. This allows employees to get to know spaces they don’t frequent and helps those who prefer casual, low-key gatherings be included in socializing. An office is also a family-friendly place, meaning employees can involve their entire families in the corporate event, games and all. After all—office chairs were made for racing.

There are many great reasons why you should hold impromptu parties at the office throughout the year. When you take care of the arrangements, employees can relax, enjoy themselves and create fond memories. These social events can change their mentality around their workspace, helping them associate it with fun and camaraderie. It can also increase networking and attendance; employees can simply join the fun at the end of the work day and feel comfortable in a familiar space. And if these reasons aren’t enough, simply consider how much you’ll save by hosting the next company-wide party at the office.

Considering hopping on the office party train? Not sure which spaces in your facility best suit which purpose? Use space management software to visualize your next party layout and let the good times roll.

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