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5 Ways Move Management Software Saves You Money

David Spence
April 29th, 2014

When you organize a move, you know you’ll need to arrange moving trucks and gather packing supplies for the office. These are a given, but have you also considered move management software?

What Move Management Software Can Do for You

Moving requires a lot of time, planning and manpower. Without a system to keep the process organized, each of these resources may be used inefficiently. Which means dollars are being spent unnecessarily.

That’s what makes move management software such a smart investment—it decreases the various errors that can halt a company’s productivity. Software can keep the process organized in five key ways.

1. Coordinating Internal Moves

Though a promotion that requires a person to move two floors up may seem like a simple process, it’s actually the opposite. Human resources, IT and telecommunications must all be involved. HR has to update the company directory with the person’s new contact information. IT has to have a computer and other technology ready for the person’s use, and telecom has to make sure the employee’s phone line is in working order.

However, these duties can dovetail with the many other things these departments have to do. Move management software can help by sending each person a reminder email of who’s moving and when.

2. Organizing Large-Scale Moves

When a company is moving from one building to another, how do you keep track of the people and assets in the new building, versus the old one? Spreadsheets and checklists are one possibility, but move management software would be easier. With software, you can keep track of what’s where using CAD plans of both your old and new locations. No time has to be lost on chasing down something that’s not even in the building where you’re looking.

3. Scenario Planning

Before you begin moving everything in, move management software can help you decide on the best layout for your new space. Use experimental floor plans to move people around. See what works and what doesn’t with a few clicks of a mouse. It’s much easier than hauling desks, chairs and equipment in, only to find that the setup needs tweaking.

4. Streamlining Information

Internal moves can be a headache for facilities managers, too. Before the dawn of move management technology, FMs had to track from-to moves with floor plan printouts. They could use Excel spreadsheets to record the worker’s name, location and contact information. Yet having so many employees move around within the span of a year made it difficult to keep these records accurate and up-to-date. With move management software, however, all of this is easily recorded for the FM’s reference.

5. Navigating the New Building

Once everyone is finally settled in the new building, finding their coworkers may be more difficult. The building is new and the setup is different. Without a map telling them exactly where to find the person they’re looking for, spending the time trying to track that person down can take up their time and decrease their productivity. Move management software solves this problem by letting users search for people by last name; results will show key details like their picture, their title and their supervisor, as well as their phone number and email address.



Keeping the details of a move straight is no easy task to handle by yourself. So OfficeSpace Software does it for you. Whether you’re getting ready to move to an entirely new office, or you’re dealing with the logistics of an internal move, our software can help you keep the process smooth and organized. Contact us for a free demo of our software to see how it works.

photo credit: rawpixel