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5 Ways to Give Your Office a More Luxurious, Modern Aesthetic

David Spence
September 13th, 2016
modern and luxurious office

A luxurious look for your office can give it a sense of professionalism while conveying focus and pedigree to your team and visitors. That might sound like an expensive undertaking, but the good news is that this type of office design doesn’t require a big budget and various contractors. Facility managers can create a modern lavish appearance by following these achievable design principles.


Pick clean, consistent furniture pieces

sleek yellow office furniture

In terms of furniture, choose ones that are simple in design and consistent throughout the office. Chairs, desks and other pieces don’t need intricate patterns or embellishments to give the workplace a sense of luxury. What’s effective is maintaining consistency in shapes and colors for all your furniture to give your space a sense of organization and symmetry.

Limit your color palette

monochrome office laptop and desk

There’s such a thing as too much color—especially if you’re aiming for high-end design.

Use a limited palette throughout your office that incorporates dark and neutral shades with a few accents.

Walls painted in light browns or soft greys coupled with a few decorative items or furniture pieces in bolder colors can give a room a sense of character without looking too busy or distracting.

Set focal points

office plants

Focal points are elements like decorations, artwork or furniture that naturally draw a person’s attention.

They help tie the room together and can be used to express the character of the space in a bold and immediate way.

Place unique pieces like art prints or plants in spots that can be viewed upon entering the room. You can increase the visibility of these points by using contrasting wall colors as backgrounds or through well-placed lighting.

Layer your lighting

office desk and lamp by window

Lighting is crucial to the mood of a room. Break down your lighting scheme into ambient, task and accent lighting, while keeping in mind that the lighting shouldn’t detract from workplace productivity. Dimmer lights will create a rich, darker ambience in the room, but you can brighten the area with a few lamps to spotlight specific focal points like office desks and other furniture.

If your workplace includes many large windows, you can reduce the number of artificial lighting sources—too much brilliant light can create overwhelming contrast and glare. Layering your lighting gives you the ability to change the mood to account for different situations like focused work, meetings or parties.

Create a sense of space

open modern office with white table and chairs

Luxurious offices often give the impression that they’re large and spacious. Creating this effect in a physically smaller workplace can be tricky but not impossible. Declutter the office where possible; remove cups and unused stationary, and hide any visible dangling cables to create a cleaner and more pristine appearance.

Moving furniture around to increase the amount of floor space (with the help of a space management tool) and painting the walls in light colors can make your office look larger without having to invest in any substantial reconstruction work.

Much of what goes into creating a luxurious space is linked to smart design principles that appeal to the human eye. By putting special emphasis on color choice, lighting and space management, facility managers can create lush, modern-looking workplaces without a huge budget.



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