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5 Websites To Inspire Facilities Managers’ Work

David Spence
June 23rd, 2014

facilities managersFacilities managers are jacks-of-all-trades.

What this means is that they always need to be on the lookout for new ideas to super-charge their work, whether they’re learning about the newest developments in building technology or reading up on workplace trends.

To help with that, here are five websites that cover a range of topics, from professional development to design to industry news.

1. Work Design Magazine

A digital magazine covering ways to make your office better, faster and stronger, Work Design magazine offers product reviews and previews, tips on office layout, event recaps and in-depth looks at offices with some of the most creative designs in the world.

Topics commonly reported include NeoCon, productivity and workplace technology.

All the pictures make it an excellent source of inspiration if you’re looking for ideas on office design.

Content-wise, most of the articles are relatively short, so you can easily read an article even if you have just a few minutes to spare.

2. Forbes

Reading Forbes has two benefits.

The first is obvious. There’s a plethora of articles relating to topics like business productivity, ways to improve your workplace performance and methods for improving teamwork and communication.

The second benefit is the light it sheds on its main audience—executives. Spend a little time browsing the site a few days a week, and you can better understand what your boss may be thinking about.

By seeking the same information they look for, you can get a better sense of the best way to connect with them—whether that means talking current business events or simply getting a clearers view of an executive’s mindset.

3. FacilitiesNet

This publication is a resource for any number of concerns that may plague a facilities manager. Whether you need advice on fire safety, grounds management or doors and hardware, FacilitiesNet’s topic wheel includes everything you’d want to know about anything.

Interviews with facilities managers and industry experts provide a close look at how different professionals handle their day-to-day duties, as well as larger problems like budget concerns and resource allocation.

On top of all this, the also site offers a number of other informative tools, like salary comparisons, webcasts and case studies.

4. TED

Initially centered on Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED grew from its focus on those three topics to the rainbow of topics it covers today: leadership, productivity, personal fulfillment…the list goes on.

Some of the world’s top thought leaders and innovators are filmed and published on the website in the form of TED Talks, each clocking in at 18 minutes.

While few videos may relate directly to FM, professionals of all stripes can learn something from talks by Arianna Huffington and The Four-Day Work Week author Tim Ferris.

(Bonus tip: If you have a Facebook page for the facilities department, you’ll likely find a lot of good video content to share here.)

5. FastCompany

A publication focused on celebrating unique and innovative ideas, FastCompany writes about up-and-coming entrepreneurs, workplace trends and new developments in technology.

It publishes a number of educational pieces, such as “10 Ways to Make Your Office More Fun” and “10 Apps That Could Supercharge Your Career.”

Of particular interest to facilities managers are the office design stories, which cover everything from creating ideal environments for introverts to Q&As with office architects.

All five of these publications share one trait: Even if you weren’t reading them specifically for work, you’re likely to find something interesting and informative in their archives. The next time you need some inspiration for tackling your challenges at work, see if you can’t find a solution on one of these websites.

photo credit: LucasTheExperience via photopin cc