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5 YouTube Channels Office Managers Should Watch for Office Design Ideas

David Spence
September 6th, 2016
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Design is fueled by inspiration. When considering your office’s layout, having concepts and examples to refer to can help drive your ideas forward. YouTube is a great place to find inspiration through imagery, tips and trends in the industry. Facility managers can use the following channels to gain ideas and delve into design concepts that can help improve the aesthetic of their offices.




While TED Talks cover a broad array of topics, many offer useful ideas that are applicable to office design. Check out their architecture, art and design and design of useful things playlists to find lectures that discuss the design process and how people work. Many of these videos revolve around design concepts and principles, which managers can consider applying to their own workplaces.



Gensler is an American leading design, planning and architectural firm. Their YouTube channel, GenslerTV, provides a mix of the company’s corporate content along with overviews of different spaces they’ve worked on in the past. This is a great resource for FMs looking to find unique office design ideas and learn through example from some of the best in the world.

Morgan Lovell


A UK office design and refurbishment company, Morgan Lovell shares overviews of offices they’ve designed along with videos that examine the design process.

Typically less than five minutes each, the videos cover a range of diverse office trends such as environmentally friendly workplaces and office accessibility.

Their time-lapse content can give you an idea of the work it takes on a construction level to develop an office while their company profiles explain their motivation behind certain design features.

Office Spaces


Hosted by interior decorator, Kalyn Rothaus, Office Spaces covers major office trends and designs. Their videos center on different topics such as air quality, furniture and signage, combining in-office examples with expert interviews. This YouTube channel is particularly helpful if you’re looking for content that combines the aesthetic components of office design with the practical needs of facilities management.



HOK is a global design and architectural firm that provides examples of their designs coupled with architect and client interviews. Facility managers can use these resources to understand design from an aesthetics, process and UX perspective. Many of the videos examine the specific ideas and goals behind designs, which give managers a deeper insight into why spaces are shaped the way they are.

Designing an office space can be a tricky process, affected by constantly evolving trends, creative conflicts and spatial restrictions. Trying to stay on top of it all can be overwhelming, but there are many YouTube channels that can help to simplify and inspire the undertaking. Facility managers can pull relevant ideas and examples from these videos to develop an office design that works to their company’s advantage.



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