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7 Furniture Upgrades That Can Help Your Company Save on Space

Darin Herle
February 11th, 2016

Out with the old, in with the new! While you might not be ready to upgrade your office space, you can definitely upgrade what goes in it to better maximize your current workplace and office design, no matter the size.

Upgrading your office design can bring a sense of freshness to your work environment. Since your office space has a direct correlation to the overall happiness and productivity of your employees, it’s important that you take the time to upgrade your current furniture setup. Below we look into seven easy furniture upgrades that will help you make the most of your office design.

1. Space-saving chairs

office furniture stools space

If your office has a lot of empty chairs that are simply taking up space, consider swapping them out for stackable alternatives or small stools. Although these generally aren’t as comfortable, they do save space and can be stored in a closet when not in use. You’ll often only need extra chairs during presentations or when you have guests — times when you’ll be able to move things around and make do.

2. Corner desks

office furniture corner desk

If your office is short on space for your workers, then consider integrating corner desks into your workplace and office design layout. This style of desk makes use of tight corners in your office to provide an employee with an ergonomic and distraction-free work zone.



3. Standing desks

office furniture standing desk

No more chairs! Recent research suggests that sitting all day can be incredibly bad for your health. Standing desks are very trendy, plus they help to maximize space in your office by fitting into spaces that a sitting desk might not be suited. These desks have the potential to make your employees happier and healthier, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Need to find some standing desks – here’s a quick list of furniture vendors you need to know

4. Mobile desks

office furniture laptop stand

If your office design demands flexibility and doesn’t cater well to permanent desk or space assignments, then consider mobile desks. This style of desk can be moved throughout the entire office with ease allowing any and all spaces to be turned into workspaces. Popular styles of this desk include a leaning desk, laptop tables and lightweight desks with wheels on the bottom.

5. Under-desk carts

office furniture desk clean

Your company might not use as much paper as it once did, but storage is still a necessity in most offices. An under-desk cart can be used to hold a variety of office goods and will help to declutter the top of your employee’s workstations. These useful carts will help your office feel less busy and give your employees a clean place to work.

6. Movable filing cabinets

office furniture moving filing cabinet

If your company still hasn’t gone paperless and has a lot of important files to store, but not a lot of space for storage, this style of cabinet is perfect. Rolling filing cabinets can store your documents while being placed under a desk or in a closet. Some can even be used as a side table! Any furniture piece that has more than one function can be great for maximizing space efficiency and streamlining your office design.

7. Breakaway tables

office furniture breakaway tables

This style of table can be arranged in many configurations to suit your office. They can be broken down into smaller desks for individual projects or brought together for a large meeting space. If your office requires a desk and table setup that’s flexible around the ever-changing needs of your office, then give breakaway tables a go.

Effectively maximizing the space in your office requires a facility manager who thinks creatively. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new office furniture layouts until you land on one that utilizes every inch of your office while promoting worker satisfaction and happiness.



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