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Visual Directory: The Software for Who Sits Where

David Spence
October 9th, 2013

Micromanaging Seating Arrangements

It’s no secret that the agile workplace is becoming the new norm in the modern large-scale workforce. Companies are realizing that the dynamics of their company can be dramatically altered by rearranging employee workspaces. Here at Officespace, we’ve been aware of this truth for a while—in fact, it’s the foundation of our company!

In a recent article by the Wall Street Journal titled “The New Science of Who Sits Where at Work,” Rachel Feintzeig highlights just how profitable such changes can be. She references tech companies like kayak and Hubspot as leaders in the new ‘who sits where’ movement of office mobility. They site increases in profitability, idea creation, and worker happiness as key reasons for the changes. The article also mentions that there are some drawbacks to all of this change.  For one, how do companies maintain efficiency when workers no longer know where their coworkers sit?

Luckily, Officespace’s Visual Directory is a tool custom built to solve the problem of lost coworkers.

The Visual Directory is an elegant Visual Directory component that can be utilized company-wide to effortlessly locate coworkers, view their contact information, and find company resources such as printers, copiers, conference rooms, etc. So instead of wandering the office for hours trying to find their former office neighbor, employees can simply pull up their software and locate them on a digital map.

The software of who sits where is leading the charge for efficiency and improved ideation and Officespace is at the front of that charge.

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