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4 Reasons to Implement FM Customer Satisfaction Surveying

David Spence
December 26th, 2013

Wayfinding With FM Surveys

1. You’ll See Where You Are

Sometimes you might not be able to see the immediate effects of your team’s efforts, because you’re so mired in your own responsibilities. A survey will help you get a sense of what you’ve done well, and what could be done better. Be sure to share the positive feedback with your team members. The praise can boost your team’s morale and help them perform their jobs even better.

2. You’ll See Where You Need to Go

Surveys can be just as useful in showing you where you could improve. In what areas are your services lacking? Is there a process that could be improved, made better, or done faster? While no one likes being criticized, constructive comments can be extremely helpful. Again, your co-workers may be able to see areas for improvement that you’re not even aware of, so a survey can help fill in the gaps in the department’s performance.

3. You’ll See Where Your Team Is

Surveys can also say a lot about a facilities worker’s performance. Ask about the team’s responsiveness and customer service. If employees have complaints about a worker’s customer service skills, some training sessions may be in order. If there are no complaints, you may still want to briefly review some customer service best practices with your team, just to ensure that the standard of service continues.

4. You’ll See Where Your Co-Workers Are

As a facilities manager, it’s in your best interest to keep morale and productivity up, and the best way to do that is to hear from workers themselves. Is there something wrong with the office layout? Are there annoyances that interfere with their work? Besides unearthing these issues, there’s another benefit to having a space for comments and suggestions in your survey. There may be workers who have great ideas, but for one reason or another they never get around to telling you about them directly. With a survey, you’re giving them a forum to share their big thoughts.

Creating Your Survey

Once you’ve decided to use a survey, the next step is to think about what you want it to ask. Brainstorm the most important questions, and try to keep your survey as short as possible so that workers don’t have to click through pages and pages of questions. While it may be impossible to get a reply from every single employee, the workers who do fill out the survey will be an invaluable source of information. If you want more immediate, on-the-job feedback, you can also use what FMLink calls “point of service delivery surveys.” These review a customer’s satisfaction with a service rendered and help you get a sense of where your team’s performance is, right at that moment. Regardless of the type of survey you use, however, you’ll end up with a wealth of useful knowledge, and maybe even a few accolades.

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