COVID-19: Client survey results for how companies are reopening offices

David Spence
June 30th, 2020

We recently surveyed 100 national brands that are developing plans to bring their people back to the office to see what companies are doing in the wake of the coronavirus. Additionally, we developed a quiz you can complete to see exactly which strategy is best for your approach. Make sure to take our quiz to get your full results!


Here’s a glimpse at a few of the results so that you can see how your organization’s strategy compares:

When is your organization planning to have the first meaningful group of employees return to your offices?

In this survey, “return to the office” means that workers transition from exclusively working from home, and are able or required to physically go to the office on a regular basis.

The results show that 22% of organizations surveyed planned to have employees return in Q2 2020, while 40% and 15% are planned for Q3 and Q4 respectively. Just 8% of organizations are planning for a 2021 return, while 15% are undecided.return to the office

Will your organization develop schedules dictating days and times of the week employees can come into the office?

Survey results show that the majority of companies will develop schedules for employees to safely return to the office. Each company’s schedule could look quite different, depending on how shift work is addressed.

schedulesWill employees be allowed to use conference rooms when they return to the office?

While the majority of companies will allow employees to use conference rooms after returning to the office, 62% of companies will require employees to reserve the rooms in advance. Only 11% of all companies surveyed will allow employees to congregate in conference rooms without a reservation.

conference roomsWill you increase the frequency that you clean workstations in your facility (as compared to the start of 2020)?

Increased cleanliness is one of the workplace’s first defenses for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. The majority of companies surveyed confirmed that they will be increasing the frequency that workstations are cleaned compared to the pre-COVID office.

cleaning schedulesStruggling to find the right approach to plan, implement, communicate, and measure your return to office strategy? When you take our quiz, you will get a copy of our benchmark data showing how your plan aligns with what others are doing, in addition to a recommended strategy based on your answers.


Take the quiz today to solidify your company’s strategy and get the full survey results.

Photos: Scott Graham, Unsplash, OSS