Emerging Office Perks that Will Attract Top Talent

Emerging office perks that will attract top talent

Job seekers with top skills have more options than ever thanks to flexible opportunities and the rise of remote working. Competing in this environment requires companies to understand a new generation of workers that want the benefits of their job to match up with their values. Managers that want to create an attractive space for recruitment should think outside the box and carefully consider the perks their company can offer.

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Custom workstations

Custom workstations for office space

Providing opportunities for autonomy and self-expression helps staff feel comfortable within a space. For example, offering a budget for staff to customize their stations allows new hires to embed their personality directly into the space, helping build a sense of ownership and connectedness to the company.

Asana has fully committed to this concept by providing employees with $10,000 in spending money to build their own workspace.

While this level of customization may not be necessary in every company, giving staff enough freedom to truly make a space their own will ensure you have a happy and loyal team.


Many promising recruits are looking for companies that can cultivate their values and personal passions. One way offices can address this need is through the creation of a workshop or makerspace. These rooms host materials like art supplies, tools and work benches—equipment that can be difficult for individuals to invest in on their own. Companies like Microsoft and Google have provided these spaces to employees to maintain a sense of innovation in their culture. Implementing a creative space that allows individuals to work on their hobbies helps build unlikely connections between staff while they develop projects they’re passionate about. It also signals to potential recruits that their interests are valued.

Opportunities for self-development

Opportunities for self-development

Learning opportunities and professional development programs are workplace advantages that today's workforce places heavy emphasis on—and office spaces have a lot of potential to contribute to this need. Managers can attract top talent by emphasizing the company’s willingness to help staff grow as leaders and add important skills to their wheelhouse. This might include hosting lessons from experts directly in the space or funding external courses. Amazon is a good example of this. The company covers 95 percent of tuition for their fulfillment center employees to take courses on in-demand topics. To enhance the effectiveness of these workshops, managers should provide staff with an in-office learning environment that is conducive to different types of learners.

Work-life balance

Workplaces that prioritize work-life balance stand to become more attractive to highly-skilled talent in the workforce. Creating this balance is no easy feat—policies, culture and space have to come together in a cohesive package that promotes a balanced lifestyle. Managers can use policies like flexible working hours or benefits like gym memberships to help staff stay healthy and motivated. Enabling new experiences is also a powerful way to draw in sought after talent.

AirBnB for example, provides an annual travel credit to staff that allows them to book AirBnB properties around the world.

Attracting top talent is a challenge that managers will have to approach with a strong sense of empathy. Understanding the personal values and goals of potential hires is crucial—and facility managers are uniquely positioned to demonstrate their culture and values directly through their office space.

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