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Guest Blog: Remote Workforce Management Tips for Your Small Business

Leila Dorari
September 21st, 2017

Your new business has started to grow and now there are new spaces to be filled. Hiring staff is a new challenge and in your search, you might consider that there are plenty of skilled people around the globe that may become members of your growing team. Managing remote workers presents a new set of obstacles but the tips below will help and guide you through the process.



Find and hire the right people

hiring the right people for remote work personality traits

A challenge you will come across when hiring remote workers is gauging proactivity, motivation, and most importantly, communication. In your process, make sure that your remotely working candidate has the characteristics and personality traits that are suited to a virtual atmosphere. Not everyone, even with the right skill set, will thrive in this type of setting.

Expand commnication channels outsite of email

Of course, you shouldn’t stop using emails for communication, but make sure you have other collaborative options. In addition to email, consider using one of the available online tools such as Slack or Basecamp. Remote workers are more likely to engage in casual conversation, ideas sharing, brainstorming and “water-cooler” conversation through these channels which can add to enhanced company culture and innovations.

Adopt video communication channels

video conferencing with remote worker

The power of a colleague’s body language, vocal tones and facial expressions is sometimes overlooked or taken advantage of in an in-person setting, but we gain so much information and personality from these elements. Consider adopting a video conferencing solution like Merge ICT  or Zoom to interact with your remote workers, or employees working from home. Video conferencing can connect people from all over the city, country or globe, and your team will feel more united and fluid than with an email channel.

Set up one-on-one meetings

Weekly check-ins are very important for a team’s organization and task management, and they are essential for keeping your remote workers involved, on track, and collaborative. Being kept in the loop, and asked for input will encourage a highly motivated remote workforce. In a on a one setting a manager will gain a clearer idea of the issues or challenges your remote employee is facing, as well as establish good working relationship.

Meet in person

meeting in person with remote workers

Maybe you have hired people who are working a great distance from your office, you have people working from home, or you have incorporated flexible working options in your workplace. The benefits of an in-person meeting will last. You and your teams will gain knowledge regarding communication habits, management styles, and personality traits. Depending on the nature of your small business, try to get the team together in person at least once to establish a solid base of company culture.

Final thoughts

It is crucial to share your dreams and vision with your team members. Communication and some face to face time will most certainly strengthen the connection between all of you and the motivation and proactivity will increase. In this era of communication there are many innovative ways to manage and maintain essential remote workers.



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