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How to Choose a Cleaning Vendor

David Spence
October 3rd, 2014

6 Tips for Finding the Right Cleaning Service

1.) Look into their company history

History and past performance are key indicators of how reliable a company is. In general, companies that have been in business for a longer period of time may be preferable to newer ones. However, the company’s age is only one thing to consider. Ask the vendor for at least three references. When you speak to each one, ask how long they’ve worked with the cleaning vendor. Also make it a point to discuss the vendor’s performance. Has it always met expectations?

2.) Ask about hiring and training

The employee hiring and training process is another factor to think about. It’s important for a cleaning company to ensure its employees are trustworthy. (After all, as Broadlex Services points out, these individuals will be working in clients’ building after hours.) See if the company requires background checks and calls its applicants’ references. Once someone is hired, what sort of training do they receive? Once they’ve been with the company for awhile, are specialized training or certifications an option? If the answer is yes, that’s a sign the vendor is worth further consideration.

3.) Understand services and pricing

To avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road—like a bill that’s higher than expected—begin your search for a commercial cleaner with a clear idea of what services you’ll need. This will make it easier to pick and choose between all your different contenders.

When you’re down to a final list of choices, you’re very likely run into different price points for each company. Be sure to ask about the reasons behind these prices. While it’s tempting to choose the vendor offering the lowest price to save money, that vendor may not provide the best service. Choose accordingly.

5.) Make sure they’re insured

A company that carries insurance for its employees is a must. Why? According to janitorial service OctoClean, although the company itself is legally responsible for any injuries suffered by employees. But you can still “be held liable if the company is treating its workers unethically and a court deems that you were aware of the situation.” Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask about liability insurance, coverage limits and worker’s compensation.

6) Ask about their sustainability practices

Perhaps your company has a sustainability initiative that requires a green cleaning program. In which case, you’ll need to obtain some additional information from the vendor. FacilitiesNet has a list of good questions to gauge a company’s eco-friendliness, such as “How extensive are your green services and products?” and “How is your green cleaning program different from traditional cleaning programs?”

Janitorial services are an important part of maintaining a company’s image, but they can be expensive and unsatisfactory if they’re not chosen with care. Use these six pointers when you start researching different companies. When you know exactly what to look for, you can make a well-informed decision so that your company is paying for quality service, and your colleagues can enjoy a spotless facility.

photo credit: ezola via photopin cc