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Using Meeting Room Displays to Get the Most from Your Workspace

Katherine Sorensen
October 18th, 2023

Learn how meeting room displays, when integrated with smart room booking software, can help you streamline scheduling and make the most of your workspace.

In the modern office environment, coordinating and managing meeting spaces requires dynamic facilities management solutions. Employees spend an average of a quarter of their workweek preparing for and attending meetings, so it’s crucial for businesses to make the time spent as efficient as possible.

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When it comes to room booking and meeting room displays, using paper-and-pen signage, word-of-mouth communication, or simply wandering around the office looking for an open conference room wastes precious time, space, and resources. 

To facilitate effective collaboration, freely exchange ideas, and keep your office running smoothly, you must embrace modern workplace management and room booking systems that can accommodate your company’s unique needs and adapt quickly to changes. Some of the critical components of these systems are meeting room displays and other digital signage.

What Are Meeting Room Displays?

Meeting room displays are digital screens, touchscreens, or other interactive displays. These are typically placed or wall-mounted outside of conference and meeting rooms. They provide essential information about the room’s availability, schedule, occupancy, and reservation status. These displays serve as a visual interface that helps employees and visitors quickly identify which rooms are in use, who has reserved them, and when they will become available for future bookings.

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How Are Meeting Room Displays Used?

Meeting room displays have a number of functions and can be applied in various ways in an office setting:

  • Digital conference room signs. Using room displays outside of conference rooms provides employees with pertinent, real-time information about the workspace. This includes the room name, its booking status, and when it will be available.
  • Reception area signage. Putting digital signage displays in your reception area can be a helpful way to welcome and direct visitors to your office. By providing centralized signage, you can easily share company news and events and provide relevant staff status information. 
  • Wayfinding and interactive maps. Using digital kiosks and displays to provide maps of the office can help improve the flow of your workplace and help employees, visitors, and hybrid workers unfamiliar with the layout find what they need.

Smart Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms: Improving the Way You Collaborate

Using smart meeting rooms and conference rooms can significantly improve workplace efficiency. Smart meeting room technologies enhance communication, promote engagement, adapt to hybrid and remote scenarios, and optimize resource usage.

By introducing smart displays, video conferencing, smart whiteboards, wireless presentation systems, and other visual and communication technologies, you can make sure your teams are using their time efficiently, collaborating effectively, and streamlining workflows.

Integrating Meeting Room Displays with Smart Meeting Room Technologies

Integrating meeting room displays into your repertoire of smart meeting room technologies provides a variety of advantages that can improve how you utilize your workspaces. Here are a few key functions of digital meeting room signage and how they can be used in conjunction with room booking software:

Improved Room Availability

Digital room displays provide real-time information on room availability, making it easy for employees to find and book available spaces for meetings or work sessions. This reduces conflicts and ensures optimal space management.

Streamlined Booking Process

When integrated with room booking software, digital room displays allow employees to check room availability and features, book rooms on the spot, and even extend or cancel room reservations as needed. This simplifies the booking process, reduces confusion and administrative overhead, and accommodates agile working strategies.

When meeting room displays are connected to room booking software, calendar systems, or mobile apps, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, you can make updates in real time to accommodate last-minute changes.

Enhanced Communication

Digital displays outside meeting rooms can display meeting details, such as the scheduled meeting name, organizer, time remaining, and more. This information helps employees find and check in for their meetings and prevents interruptions.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Using data collection and analytics, digital room displays and room booking software can help organizations better understand how meeting rooms and desks are being utilized. For example, rooms take up a lot of space compared to desks. If the role of your office in a hybrid work scenario is to foster collaboration, it is critical to understand how your different types of workspaces are being used so you can make data-driven decisions on optimizing your office configuration. By making informed decisions about room allocation and space utilization, you can streamline scheduling and make the most of your office space. 

Adaptation to a Hybrid Workplace

As companies embrace hybrid work models, where employees split their time between office and remote work, digital room displays and booking software become more crucial. They facilitate the coordination of both in-person and virtual meetings, ensuring that meeting rooms are available when needed for both on-site and remote participants.

In addition, employees can check interactive maps and visual directories from anywhere, so they are able to see who will be in the office on any given day and meeting room availability. This allows them to make the most of the days when they come to the office.

Scheduling Flexibility

Digital room displays can be programmed to display room availability based on flexible scheduling options. For example, hot-desking spaces can be reserved on the fly, and rooms can be automatically released if no one shows up within a specified time.

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What is the Best Meeting Room Display for Your Business?

There are numerous benefits to using digital meeting room displays. But to get the most out of digital signage, companies need dynamic and centralized digital platforms. Digital signage is only as good as the software it’s connected to.

The most effective room booking software is a part of one system that handles all aspects of office use and can be easily accessed everywhere by everyone on the team. That means it should be able to integrate with desk booking, move management, request management options, and other tools facilities managers use to better organize the workplace. 

By integrating this software on a single platform, you can create a simple, streamlined experience for your employees that encourages a more productive work environment.

How OfficeSpace Can Help Optimize Your Workspace

OfficeSpace offers a variety of user-friendly workplace management software, including room booking and digital room display solutions. Their intuitive tools help you manage and customize room displays, providing features such as:

  • Custom branding. You can customize the digital display system and background images with your company’s branding, logos, and color schemes to maintain a sleek, consistent, and professional look.
  • Centralized control. Have centralized control of room displays from anywhere, making it easy to update and manage displays across multiple locations.
  • Real-Time updates. Get real-time room availability and booking details, so you are always using the most up-to-date information, reducing confusion and conflicts.
  • Analytics and reporting. Gain valuable insights into room and desk utilization, helping organizations make data-driven decisions about their workspace needs.

Digital meeting room displays and smart meeting rooms, when integrated with room booking software like OfficeSpace’s, can enhance workplace efficiency. This allows you to optimize room usage, improve communication and interactivity, reduce wasted space, and adapt to your business’s unique needs, creating a seamless experience for employees.