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What Amenities Does Your Office Really Need?

David Spence
January 5th, 2016

These days, it’s almost as if employees expect to work in an office that has certain features and amenities. Having a good office layout with space to relax in can help foster a stronger company culture and make your office a more pleasant place to be. The list below features common amenities seen in most innovate companies, but it isn’t meant to be a checklist. When considering adding any type of amenity to your office, make sure it’s serving a real purpose and only include features that reflect your goals and your brand.

A nap room

Although this might seem counterintuitive, napping has been shown to boost productivity and energy levels even more so than caffeine. A lot of companies are now offering their workers a dedicated nap room or even nap pods where they can catch some z’s or relax. If your company requires your workers to travel frequently, a nap room can help these workers catch up on some sleep so that they don’t slog through the rest of their day jet-lagged.

Access to the great outdoors

Does your office building meet up against a forest or a park? Exposure to the outdoors can reduce stress throughout the workday and can give your employees a great place to walk, unwind or even enjoy lunch. No matter your location, encourage your employees to take a quick walk or break each day to get out of the office.

A call booth

Call booths, also known as privacy pods, give your employees a dedicated space to make business or personal calls. This can be beneficial as it allows your salespeople to focus while on the phone and can provide employees with the assurance their personal matters aren’t being overheard. Plus, these types of spaces keep the rest of the office quite as not to disrupt other employees.

A gym and fitness center

When you have a demanding work schedule, fitness usually gets pushed further down your to-do list. By having an in-office gym or working in a building with a fitness centre, you give workers the option to work off the stress of the workday. As a bonus, workers who are healthy and fit perform better and are more productive.

A board room

Board rooms allow for a higher degree of meeting productivity, as it’s less likely your employees will be distracted by other tasks. Board rooms can also be great for brainstorming and can even give your employees another place to work when it’s not in use. Of course, having a dedicated space for visiting guests or important meetings can also set the scene and ensure the job gets done.

A recreation room

Having a break during the day to play ping-pong, a board game or a classic arcade game will give your employees a chance to relax and recharge their minds. Rec rooms are incredibly common in startup workplaces and add a dash of fun to the more serious business culture. This lighthearted approach also makes work more fun, which will reduce workplace stress.

Relaxation space

A relaxation space is different from a nap or recreation room as it doesn’t have a dedicated purpose. This type of space can even be an isolated wing of your office where workers can sit and reflect or have a quiet conversation with another employee. These spaces act as buffers for the rest of the office and help to provide much needed reprieve from the hectic workday.

A stocked kitchen and snacks

Kitchens are almost always a staple in modern offices. Most office kitchens aren’t full kitchens but instead include a refrigerator, a microwave and a sink. If you so choose, stock the kitchen full with free snacks for employees. This way, they won’t have to leave the office when they’re feeling peckish. Taking this even further, your company could hire a personal chef to cook for the employees on a certain day of the month, which doubles up as a fun culture activity.

Improved seating arrangements

Give your employees multiple seating choices. Some people work better when sitting, but others may need a standing desk to get in the zone. Some workers may even prefer sitting on a BOSU ball or a special, ergonomic chair. Your desk and seating arrangements are very important because a worker with comfortable posture is more easily able to focus.

Not every amenity is going to make sense for your company. Add features that align with your company culture and overall business goals. Amenities can help to attract employees and maintain their happiness throughout the duration of their employment, which leads to a more successful business for everyone involved.



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